Fireplaces have long been a classic feature of traditional homes and were once the central point of rooms that, even today, are often transformed by a large brick-surrounded stove that adds untold levels of cosiness. 

Even in modern properties, stylish additions like wood burners and log stoves can transform and add warmth to a living space, making them a goal that countless homeowners work towards. After all, there are few better ways to relax after a long day than snuggling up in front of a lit fire. Not to mention that the broad range of styles and choices now available means that a well-chosen stove can help you to get your living room design just right.

To truly tie a new wood burner into your home, though, you’ll want to think about styling. This is often easier said than done with safety requirements to consider, and you should certainly never place decor around the base or directly above your log burner. That being said, there are a few classic styling tips that could make your modern fireplace look amazing. Keep on reading to find out what they are.   

Classic Styling Tips For A Modern Fireplace

A feature wall

Few things work better for transforming your space than a classic feature wall and never is this more the case than when you’re showing off your fireplace. After all, the brick surround of traditional fires is their main visual appeal. This is something you can recreate with a newly installed brick surround or even brick-style wallpaper. Or, you may prefer to bring a modern twist to this classic take, with a brightly coloured feature wall that draws the eye and matches your decor across the rest of the room. Either way, making a feature of your fireplace is often as simple as perfecting that all-important feature wall.

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Shelved decor

Decor is a great way to add interest, depth, and cosiness anywhere, and a shelf above your log burner will be fit for all of your decor needs. As long as that shelf is the right height above your burner, this option allows you to play around with tall ornaments, personal additions, and fun pops of colour (including fireplace fairy lights), which can all help to add warmth, fun, and a touch of life. 

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Art to match your fireplace

Traditional fireplaces would often have large, domineering portraits hung above them, and this is a tradition that many modern homeowners are bringing back into style. Large artwork, ideally the same size as your wood burner, can look amazing if you have a chimney breast to work with. Again, this is a great way to draw the eye to this striking room feature, but art also brings the benefit of adding subtle colour and interest. A well-chosen piece of art can also become a feature in itself, which, when paired with your fireplace, ties perfectly with the growing trend towards maximalist decor.

Modern fireplaces are a fantastic feature. Take yours to the next level by pairing it with any of these classic styling choices. 

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