A fireplace is not just something that warms up the room, but it’s the beating heart of any living space. When you think about the fact that anybody will come to warm themselves by the fire or marvel at the aesthetics of a crackling fireplace, there is so much that we can do with it, but sometimes it benefits all of us to remember what in fact makes an amazing fireplace. Here are a few things to remember, especially if you are planning on incorporating a fireplace into your home or upgrading what you’ve got.

Creating a Striking Fireplace 4 Things to Consider Before It Crackles

The Right Placement

“Location, location, location” goes the expression. It is everything and it should be strategically placed so it can be the focal point. Any company that provides bespoke fireplace designs will ask you, first and foremost, where are you going to put your fireplace. You have to consider placing it where you can view it from a number of different angles so it can encourage people to gather around and make the most of it.

How is It Going to Look?

One of the first rules of an amazing-looking fireplace is always about the all-encompassing aesthetics. It needs to be physically striking, and whatever you plan on implementing or upgrading to your fireplace, you’ve got to ensure that it works with the decor of the room. You can always alter your room to go with the fireplace, but you have to bear in mind that a well-chosen fireplace can be a piece of art in its own merit. It will tie the place together, and therefore, you need to consider if you will give it a new lick of paint or incorporate newer materials like brick, marble, or stone.

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How Functional is It Going to Be?

While you may think that you need to make it look funky, it needs to be functional as well. You need to ultimately ensure that the fireplace is good at one basic job: heating the room! If it’s not or it’s going to be a display fireplace, then you need to block it up! However, if you want to adapt your living room to your fireplace and make it part of all things warm, you need to consider modern options. Gas or electric fireplaces are both convenient because you can control the heat as you wish, but you may also want to go rustic and go for a wood-burning fireplace. However, you need to remember that this will require a little bit more in the way of maintenance.

Don’t Forget to Keep Yourself Safe

If you’ve got young kids or pets, something as simple as a safety gate will keep them away from the hypnotic glow. But you can also benefit from installing glass doors or a sturdy screen to stop those sparks from escaping, especially if you plan on having a wood fireplace. You also need to make sure that you inspect that fireplace on a regular basis so it is operating as it should.

When it comes to a fireplace, it can add value to the property in every single way and looks amazing, just as long as you know what you’re going to do with it!

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