Your scalp and hair “talks” to through its condition and we can determine a lot from it, with just a few clarifying questions, about your emotions and physical condition and state. And often the answers are as individual as the person in front of us.

Holistic Haircare

At 40 plus you have had a wealth of life behind you and still so much more in front of you and we want you to be at your best even when it comes to your hair.

Your Scalp

Your scalp is your garden, Internally and Externally care. In our vast lifestyle whether if you’re a stay home mom, corporate or self-employed a good therapeutic scalp massage along with a detox to help cleanse your lymphatic tissues will remove a lot of those toxins that aggravate your hair bulbs, sometimes in my industry I come across a tight scalp that needs therapeutic massaging due to stress with work, worrying about someone or something ie. medications treatments, negative enzyme due to stress-related situation or scenarios, all of these can create problems for your scalp circulation.

Your Hair

Normally your genetic background will determine your DNA-responsibility, what you can or can’t apply to your hair. Your hair characteristics depending on the texture, size or diameter of the hair shaft (fine, medium and coarse), “Cotton, Wool, Silk or Satiny”, needs replenishing.


The ability to absorb and hold moisture and liquids. Tenacity: often you will find fine and wiry resistance hair or hair where the cuticles can be penetrated.


Normally you will find coarse hair has a larger number per square inch than the fine hair on the scalp. Elasticity: they say a healthy head of hair have good elasticity, the ability to stretch and return quickly.


A healthy head of hair creates when styling.


“Get Well Stay Well”


Laminin vitamin


Hair, Nails & Skin

Primrose Evening Oil

Therapeutic vs Cosmetic Products:

As we get younger in the heart as we mature in age you will find that therapeutic products like Aveda, LA Biostethique, Kerastase, Phillip Kingsley just to name a few will absorb into the hair shaft because of its molecular weight, which will give you great results for your hair. Also, you will find good Cosmetics ranges with a form of therapeutic ingredients within its contents; Ii calls them “Cosrapeutic Products” they sit on top of the hair with the assumption of giving you protection for your hair on a temporary basis.

Quality Time:

As I love to share with my clients you need to spend quality time on your hair. It’s good to invest in a hair care routine by brushing regularly, go for hair care therapy treatments that will fit and profile your lifestyle.


The saying we are what we eat, a healthy body and the right foods will determine a healthy head of hair. A good diet ensures you are getting the right balance of Electrolytes, Calcium, Potassium etc. required for optimum condition of your hair as well as the rest of your body.

Synergy or Synergies:

Most mineral oils, conditioners, good supplements, nutrients, holistic oils, whether internally or externally; I found in my research often you will find by mixing one brand with another brand you will achieve maximum results for your Haircare, skin and scalp treatments.

Jeff D’Arcy is a Licensed Biothetician, Worked with LA BIOSTHETIQUE product range, L’Oreal, GoldWell and many others ranges; he works part-time at BladeRunners Hair & Beauty as a hair consultant/ Micro-Scopic Analysis technician on all hair types using polarized light to determine what course of application action to use on that head of hair. He treats all Clients as Individuals in order to devise harmless ways of applying chemical services to hair & scalp. I love doing all hair types but Specialise in Afro & Ethnic Hair types whether Chemically treated or Natural hair. D’Arcy is a Lecturer, who has worked in the USA, Nigeria, South Africa, Geneva, Trinidad & Tobago and now resides in London UK training and educating staff members and learners on various hair-care services that are available by doing Synergies with other ranges of products within the salon.

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