A couple of weeks ago, Khushi and I had our bi-annual photo shoot. I had been planning this shoot for months, but life happened (as it does) so there were a few cancellations on the ‘agenda’.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather and the photographer, a friend of mine and the founder of Kate Rusnak Photography did an amazing job – as she did last year when I had a solo-shoot done for my 40th.

bi-annual photo shoot

I love photo shoots – don’t you? It’s just amazing to see how much you’ve changed.

Another thing I noticed during the shoot was my surroundings. I live on the gorgeous countryside of Hertfordshire. I’ve got a canal, a river, a massive field and woods on my doorstep, yet I don’t spend enough time with all this beauty. It’s all about enjoying the little things in life.

I honestly feel truly blessed to live in my dream home – it’s my sanctuary and my own little retreat – I can proudly say “I live a well-designed life; Consciously, Intentionally and Wholeheartedly” ♡

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