Depression and poor lifestyle choices are so closely related to each other that after a certain time, it almost becomes impossible to discern which one was the cause for the other. Nevertheless, there is little doubt about the fact that poor choices in lifestyle actively and passively contribute to depression, whether the person is already depressed, or was initially free of depression. The very first step to avoiding making the same mistakes over and over again is to realize what they are first, which is why we have listed some of the most common and negative lifestyle choices that instigate and worsen depressive episodes or chronic depression.

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Lifestyle and Depression


An alcoholic seldom realizes that he/she is an alcoholic and often shows signs of aggression when the term is associated with them. While depression is what leads to alcoholism in some cases, alcoholism also leads to depression in most cases. Sometimes, an alcoholic just uses a depressive episode or a stressful situation as an excuse to drink.

Drug Addiction

Not unlike alcoholism, depression and drugs fuel each other until a person’s financial, mental and social status is completely ruined.

No amount of illegal drug intake in any form can be condoned for legal and moral obligations, but you know it’s taking a turn for the worse when you start to feel more depressed without the substance present in your system than you did before.

Unless monitored by a licensed psychiatrist or a neurologist, even antidepressants can create a severe dependence, so do not take them without proper medical supervision either.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Strong depression will feel like it’s physically crippling you from taking action, and it most possibly is! The imbalance in serotonin and dopamine levels can physically interfere with our ability to exercise.

The great part about exercise is that the moment you complete your first set of pushups or a simple 500-meter jog, the endorphins automatically begin to push away the debilitating effect. All you need to do is take that first step, although it will likely be hard to do so every single day in the beginning.

Can You Do Better?

Here’s the good news; just like poor lifestyle choices bring about and worsen the effects of depression, refraining from them, or replacing them with healthy choices actually helps us to come out of depression faster. A nutritious diet, regular exercise, moderate social mingling, etc. are all keys to unlocking the door that leads to happiness. Clinically depressed individuals will still need proper therapy and medication to heal, but a better lifestyle speeds up the whole process, as well as making treatment significantly more effective.

Seek Help

If you know you want to make a change but are unable to do so on your own, you should consider seeking professional guidance at a treatment centre. It makes perfect sense to be a resident in a place that’s designed to cut out the negative factors that are instigating and affecting the individual’s depression. In the outside world, one cannot be expected to refrain from themselves all on their own, when at every step there are so many reasons and lures inviting them to stay exactly where they are and sink even deeper into the abyss.

So, with a little more understanding of what can contribute to depression, overcoming the disorder is possible.

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