When it comes to beauty and fashion, I definitely encourage you to embrace your natural beauty, but of course it wouldn’t hurt to take to heart and put into practice some commandments that would enhance the looks you’ve been blessed with.


You can change your look as often as you change your mind (despite your ‘signature style’) – don’t be afraid to get out of your fashion and beauty comfort zones you can go sweet one moment and edgy the next, just with styling and makeup tweaks. Life’s too short to not go on fashion and beauty adventures. Below I share my top 25 Style Reminders.

  1. Know Your Style
  2. Simple Nails (I personally love French Manicure)
  3. Statement Sunglasses
  4. Classic Gold or Silver Watch
  5. Diamond or Pearl Studs
  6. Signature Scent
  7. Neutral Colours
  8. Simple Make-up Look
  9. Signature Red Lipstick
  10. Structured Clothes like a blazer
  11. Monochromatic Outfits
  12. Contrasting Materials
  13. Belt your Jacket
  14. Tuck your Shirt
  15. Pointy Shoes
  16. Pressed, Tailored and Clean Outfits
  17. Dainty Jewellery
  18. Sleek Hair
  19. Match Shoes and Bag
  20. Avoid Prints
  21. Switch your Buttons if they don’t look nice
  22. Invest in quality pieces
  23. Mind your Manners – Walk your talk
  24. Learn Etiquette
  25. Look Good all the time

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