Stop Food Waste Day on April 27th aims to educate people about food waste, and the impact it has on the planet and encourages us to look at how we can all reduce our food waste across the globe.

Around 33% of the food produced across the globe each year is wasted and it accounts for 8% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

But the good news is eco-friendly homeowners are becoming more conscious of food waste, with recent Google trends data showing that search terms such as ‘how to stop food waste’ have increased by 34% in the last 12 months.

There are several ways in which we can all look to reduce food waste in our homes and the kitchen is the perfect place to start. By recycling, re-using, and efficiently storing your kitchen ingredients, you help reduce the amount of household waste you produce.

Ahead of Stop Food Waste Day on April 27th, Magnet has shared its top tips on how you can reduce food waste in your home.

How to reduce food waste in the home on Stop Food Waste Day

Consider smart food storage to preserve food for longer

A great way to avoid unnecessary food waste is to think about the way you are storing your food, and if it helps to extend its lifespan. Poorly stored food, particularly fruit and vegetables, can go off in a matter of days before they’ve even had a chance to be used. By emptying produce from the original packaging and storing them in a way that is best for that particular item, it reduces the need to send it to compost or even worse, general waste.

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Every kitchen will inevitably have scraps of food leftover, and instead of throwing it away, why not use them for compost?

It is worth preparing your kitchen space in advance of composting to make the overall process easier. Instead of using a compost bin that sits on the kitchen worktop emitting unpleasant odours, consider opting for a dedicated two-part pull-out bin to store your food waste and paper recycling to use in your compost. By keeping your food scraps out of sight and away from food preparation areas, your kitchen will feel cleaner and fresher.

You can also use your coffee grounds to make the perfect fertiliser when added to the soil. Consider setting aside a sealed container to store the excess grounds.

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Add your leftovers to catch-all recipes

When looking at meal prepping and using up leftover ingredients, consider using dishes such as curries, chillies, and bolognese to serve up a mid-week treat that everyone is bound to love. You can throw in all the small ingredients lying around in the fridge and slow cook them to create the perfect dish.

Not only are these dishes inexpensive, but they also allow you to utilise all the little bits in your fridge that often end up getting thrown into the bin. It is also the best excuse to get creative, allowing you to transform a chilli into a burrito, an enchilada, or toppings for nachos.

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Become friends with your freezer

Recipes that call for cupboard staples like tomato paste or chipotle chillies often don’t use the whole serving. Freeze extras in 1-tablespoon dollops on a parchment-lined baking sheet overnight; then transfer them to a labelled freezer back or container for future use.

Next time a recipe calls for a small portion of that ingredient, you’ll already have the perfect amount measured out!

Some of the most common food waste we see is fresh herbs, onions, and citrus fruits such as lemons going to the bin. Make sure you freeze these ingredients to level up your meals so not only are you elevating your dishes, but also doing your bit for the environment. Most frozen items keep for well over six months when stored in an airtight container.

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If you want to get started with reducing your food waste and are looking for ways to make this journey easier, Magnet is on hand to help you create an environmentally-friendly kitchen space. Head to the website for further details on how to be more eco-friendly in the kitchen.

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