Throughout the various lockdowns caused entirely by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, people of all ages, genders, cultures and walks of life have been discovering or, in some cases, re-discovering the incredible emotional health and wellbeing benefits that all aspects of the arts can offer.

One of the fundamental elements of artistic pursuits, and one that can be traced back basically to the beginning of humankind, is the incredible, powerful and soul-enriching creation of music.

With that being said, continue reading to learn of the amazing plethora of benefits of music and musical instruments for children and young adults.

The Amazing Benefits of Music & Musical Instruments for Children & Young Adults

Listening To & Playing Music Improves Brainpower

Whether you prefer to play your favourite genres of music through your Bluetooth speaker whilst you are entertaining your child on the living room carpet or choose to invest in a child-friendly musical instrument for your pride and joy to learn to play, either way, you are actively growing and improving your child’s brainpower.

Treat your child to a bohemian-style ukulele or banjo from an established and renowned music shop to really set them apart from their classmates, or else ‘play’ it safe with an acoustic guitar or child-friendly keyboard.

Music Inspires Creativity

Unless you are firmly set on your child growing up to become an accountant or a traffic warden, chances are as long as your child enters adulthood happy and healthy, your work will be done.

That being said, it is vitally important to promote and inspire creativity and imagination in your children as much and as often as possible. Imaginative and artistic people are far better at expressing their feelings and handling their emotions, have an easier time dealing with stress and anxiety, and are more able to feel accomplished and proud of themselves generally.

Music Helps Build Confidence Levels

If your child is perhaps slightly on the shier side, or else lacks confidence when it comes to public speaking, or even refuses to read out segments of textbooks or stories in their class, encouraging them to learn to play a musical instrument could make a significant difference to their confidence levels.

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Additionally, having a clear goal and a creative target to strive towards, such as the successful acquisition of Grade 1 in piano, for example, increases a child’s satisfaction and enthusiasm in proceeding to the next target. Playing a musical instrument can also help boost confidence in children by being part of a group, be that discussing music theory or actually playing in their school or local band, as a feeling of belonging is often synonymous with confidence boosters.

Music for Early Development

As well as the fact that learning to play a musical instrument significantly benefits older children and teenagers, being immersed in and exposed to music from an incredibly young age can also have a variety of positive effects. Namely, the building of crucial motor skills, the learning and understanding of certain words and how they sound, and their fondness for self-expression.

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