One thing we can all agree on is that ‘Health is Wealth’ – right? You might remember a couple of my posts from earlier this year; ‘This Year I am making My Health a Priority‘ and ‘This Month I am Inspired to… Re-evaluate My Health‘ where I shared my health journey.

Smart Health Wristband

In this modern day and age, we’ve got so many gadgets that help us give an insight into our activity levels, sleep patterns, calorie intake and more.

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If you know me, you know I love gadgets and over the last few years I’ve been trying out various fitness trackers like Jawbone, MisFit, Activ8rLives, this time I am trying out the new:

Smart Health Wristband

Smart Health Wristband

Made from silicone, the 4.0 Bluetooth wristband allows the user to track their calories, steps and sleep, and it comes with an alarm, incoming call alert, anti-lost alert and even a function for taking pictures. The user simply has to download a free app to use it.

This smart health wristband is made from mixed, with colours including black, silver, titanium, champagne.


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