Part of many modern house designs includes what would be used as gym rooms. Even in older designs, many people are converting rooms that are no longer in use in workout spaces.  At home, I have a small gym that I am pretty addicted to. It has basic gear for workouts, and space for a treadmill hire in the future if I so desire it. Most of the home equipment is affordable and requires little space.

Simple, Affordable, and Effective Items to Equip a Small Home Gym
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Frequenting a public gym for many years helped me to know the most effective equipment for my workouts. When buying a gym kit, it is necessary to know what you want. This is dictated by the workouts an individual plans on carrying out. Below are some of the best pieces I find necessary to equip a home gym:

Exercise Mat

A mat is essential for most workouts. It is applicable in both cardio exercises and bodybuilding. A good floor mat should be large enough to accommodate the user’s body, well-padded to provide adequate comfort, and should be made of non-slip material. I bought my exercise mat for $5 and it has served me for four years now. Exercises suitable for using mats include yoga, planks, and Russian twists, among others. This simple equipment is nice for a home gym because of its flexibility and occupies little space.

Heavy Bag

This is a punching bag that is suitable for indoor cardio exercises. When acquiring a heavy bag, ensure to buy gloves and wraps. Some gym equipment sellers offer it as a full package which is cheaper compared to getting the gear separately. A punching bag suits a home gym because it occupies little space. Over the years, my punching bag has been effective because it helps me build my strength and burn calories. Anyone setting up a home gym should purchase this gear that goes for $10. Buy quality to ensure efficiency and to avoid injuries. I would recommend the Everlast Heavy Bag which has been serving for a lengthy period.

Ankle Weights

For a long time, I have been using ankle weights in my gym for exercise. This gear best suits people who want to bodybuild. Ankle weights come in varying masses. I own sets weighing 5 and 10 pounds. When buying this equipment, consider individual fitness levels to avoid owning gear you cannot lift. Ankle weights take very little space and that makes them appropriate for home use. They can be used both indoors when walking on a treadmill and outdoors. Owning ankle weights with good material provides legs with maximum comfort at a cost of around $8.

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Pilates Reformer Content:

You must buy a pilates reformer for your home gym if you want to achieve your fitness goals. Adding this equipment to your home gym means you are doing your bit to maintain your health in the long run. There are various options to choose from, be it a foldable reformer or an aluminium reformer. Get one for yourself today and set the vibe right in your home gym.

Stationary Bicycle

In my home gym, I own a stationary bicycle that helps me keep fit by burning fat. I love stationary bikes because the workouts are less intense require less energy and still give me optimum results. A stationary bicycle accommodates one person and thus occupies little space. For stationary bike workouts to be effective, buy one with an adjustable seat. Also, ensure to buy a bicycle with a cushioned seat to give your comfort. Buy it from a reliable vendor such as Amazon, where the cost ranges from $200 to $300 depending on the design.

Hand Weights

These are best for people in need of building physiques and strength. Hand weights come in varying masses. One can buy different sets of weights that give the user choices depending on the fitness progress. This is possible because one can screw weights of their choice on the central bar. This is great equipment for home use because it takes minimal space and is effective for building strength.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are great for home gyms as they are suitable for full-body exercises. The machine helps me work on my legs, arms, and back. For a more realistic rowing experience, I went for machines with pulley models. My rowing machine is effective and gives me comfort due to the decent seat.

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