A sick pet can be very distressing. Whether they’ve had an injury, eaten something they shouldn’t, or seem to be coming down with an illness, it’s important to know how to care for them.

Sick Pet Six Tips for Taking Care of Your Animal

Here are a few tips to help you take care of your pet when they seem unwell.

  1. Speak to a vet

Many pet owners don’t contact their veterinarian until symptoms are serious, but it’s worth speaking to them as soon as you notice something is wrong so you can get advice. The team at Heart and Paw in Marlton, NJ are always happy to discuss any issues about your pet over the phone and may ask you to come in or make other suggestions for their care, which can help when you are feeling distressed.

  1. Take note of what they eat or drink

Pets can’t tell us what’s wrong with them, so as an owner, you have to look for the subtle signs. For example, a healthy dog will need to drink from 0.5 to 1 ounce of water per pound of their weight each day. If they drink too much or too little, it can be a sign that they may be sick. You should also pay attention to whether they are eating, keeping a diary if this helps, so you can pass the information on to the vet.

  1. Follow care instructions and prescriptions carefully

If your vet has prescribed medication or given you certain instructions, be sure to follow them carefully. If your pet won’t take pills, speak to a vet and see if you can get an injectable version of their medication, so they can’t sneakily spit out a dose. Some vets offer home visits to help with medication, especially if your pet is too sick to go in for an appointment.

  1. Provide them with comfortable bedding

Pets who are sick may need extra help getting in and out of bed, especially when it comes to going to the toilet, and they may need to be moved regularly to avoid bed sores. You may need to put down some old towels in case they are sick or unable to get outside in time.

  1. Keep them clean

Animals are usually good at self-cleaning, but if they are sick or injured, you may need to help them out for a while. You may, for example, need to clean your cat’s fur if they are unable to do it themselves, otherwise, they can get even sicker and it’s simply not nice for them to sit in their own dirt.

  1. Keep a close eye for any changes

As a pet owner, you’ll feel in tune with your pets and will know when something is wrong. Even if the vet has told you there’s nothing to worry about, if something changes, let them know. Some illnesses can come on quickly, so if your pet seems to be deteriorating, get them an emergency appointment.

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