Nothing beats starting your day with a glass of water with some fresh lemon juice squeezed in. After a night’s sleep, your body is dehydrated and ready to flush out toxins. This cleansing, the vitamin-rich drink is the perfect tool to hydrate your body and expel these toxins.

I’ve occasionally had a glass of warm lemon water in the morning for years, but usually just because it sounded good and I wanted something warm besides coffee or herbal tea.

  1. It helps digestion first thing in the morning
  2. Gets you a boost of vitamin C to start your day
  3. It’s detoxifying, hydrating (after all night not drinking water), and delish, duh!
  4. According to health experts, lemon water can do wonders to our health
  5. Drinking lemon water vitalises us from within
  6. This simple morning ritual could also help reduce the risk of kidney problem

Try it in warm or room temp water in 8 or 16 ounces first thing in the morning.

lemon water

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