For people living in cold climates, having a heating system is essential. But sometimes you get no hot water and you’d be at a loss what to do. Of course, it wouldn’t feel very nice to wake up on a winter morning to shower only to be hit by cold jets of water. And that happens when you get no hot water.

There are many causes of hot water not running. But before going into that, let’s consider this question: why not shower with cold water?

No Hot Water Possible Causes and What You Can Do

Why a Cold Shower May Be a Good Thing After All

A cold shower isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it can be very helpful for people who need to be mentally sharp as quickly as possible because of the nature of their jobs. In the morning, cold showers increase your circulation and oxygen intake, thereby helping you feel more awake. It also reduces your stress hormones.

Conversely, hot showers make you feel overly comfortable, and this makes you sleepy rather than woke.

That said, it’s worth finding out the cause of the hot water not running so you can fix the problem ASAP.

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General Reasons Why You Have No Hot Water

One general reason you no longer have hot water is that the water in the tank has run out. This is most likely if you live with a large family with a small tank and almost everyone just recently had their bath. The solution to this is for you to leave it for a few hours for the water to heat up.

You may also have to change the size of your water heater tank to accommodate your family’s large size.

However, if you still don’t have hot water even after leaving your heater for hours, the problem may be something else.

No Hot Water for Gas Water Heaters: Possible Reasons

  1. No gas supply to the heater
  2. No pilot light or it was mistakenly turned off
  3. Gas leak
  4. There’s sediment blocking the burner

No Hot Water for Electric Water Heaters: Possible Reasons

  1. Leaking tank
  2. Circuit breaker malfunction
  3. Faulty thermostat
  4. Faulty heating element
  5. Water heater becomes energy-inefficient during a harsh winter (it cannot heat up icy cold water
  6. Loose wiring
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What To Do

You can verify each possible cause to know where the problem lies. For instance, You may check the circuit breaker or wiring to see if it’s intact. If it is, then the problem may be from somewhere else.

However, it’s ill-advised to attempt working on gas heaters. For your safety, call a professional.

Pro tip: Whether gas or electric, your water heater may function adequately for up to 10 years. If yours has lived considerably long, getting a new one will be more cost-effective than making frequent repairs.

Final Words

While some water heater problems are relatively easy to fix DIY, always remember that some risks come with it. Ensure you wear safety gloves and glasses and use the required tools. If you’re not comfortable dealing with gas or electricity, it would be best to call a plumber or gas company to do the job for you.

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