In an age of fast-paced work and relentless play, putting aside time to relax, re-cooperate, and rest has become more important than ever before. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying you need to dedicate two hours per evening to yoga, facemasks, and massages – when it comes to self-care, it’s all about unwinding in a way that suits you and adopting techniques within your home that can positively affect your wellbeing. But, before you begin planning out your new daily routine, you need to ensure you have the right spaces in your abode to take full advantage of your efforts.

So, to help you with your wellness journey, Swoon, the UK’s leading online design-led furniture brand, has shared its expert tips on how to make practising self-care within your home easier, more beneficial, and more effective – through the power of interior design.


Prioritising Your Sleep Space

The Sleep Foundation has reported that people sleep better when their bedroom is optimised for light and noise levels, as well as temperature, and comfort. Prioritising your sleep space is the first and most important step to promoting wellness within your daily routine. Implementing these elements in your boudoir can lead to an improved sleep pattern and overall better wellbeing, which sounds like a huge thumbs up to us.

So, to implement a better night’s sleep, why not consider purchasing a new mattress? If your current sleeping arrangement isn’t quite hitting the mark, plumper, softer, or firmer mattress might just be the saviour you have been searching for. Do some research into which type of mattress is best for your usual sleeping position and preference, and discover a whole new snoozing experience – leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the morning.

If your mattress isn’t the issue at hand, maybe it is the lighting. Lighting can have a huge impact on your mood, and your sleep schedule. So, there are two options when it comes to altering the situation. Firstly, making it darker. If you have an east-facing bedroom window, the morning sunrise can often disturb sleep if you don’t properly cover your windows. To combat this, we would recommend opting for a blackout roller blind. Chic, modern, and functional, some roller blinds can even help regulate the temperature of your sleep space, by utilising thermal fabrics. Bonus!

Alternatively, you may be looking to brighten your space to make it more cosy and relaxing during the early evenings. Harsh white lighting can often feel clinical and unsettling, making it hard to unwind. So, opting for dimmer, warm-toned walls and table lamps, as an alternative to stark ceiling lights, can help to create a relaxing atmosphere that feels more inviting and homely – ideal for winding down before bed.

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Minimising Mess and Elevate Your Storage

Now that you’ve figured out the sleeping situation, it’s time to move on to the rest of your abode. Minimalism is back and is key to keeping clutter at bay and within your home. After all, a tidy house is a tidy mind.

Being able to freely move around and enjoy your own space can be a huge weight off your shoulders after a stressful day. So, the key to minimising mess is to elevate your storage game. Tackling small areas in your abode can make this task less overwhelming, and help to leave spaces feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. To get started on being more minimalistic, storing items away that aren’t necessities enables you to display ornaments and accessories to accentuate your space rather than cluttering it.

When it comes to storage, you don’t have to envision boring plastic boxes or tubs – there are tons of more stylish solutions you can choose from. Think chic sideboards for dinnerware, bar trolleys for tipples and treats, ottoman beds for your seasonal wardrobe, and classy cabinets for kids’ toys. Nobody has to know what’s inside, especially when their exteriors are so sophisticated!

“With a flurry of day-to-day activities around your home, it’s easy for hardworking spaces to feel overlooked or become cluttered. However, with a little attention, the right storage, and a little design knowledge – you can refresh and update these areas to be better equipped for how you use them. Creating spaces that not only function for your needs, but that also inspire creativity and peacefulness is the goal.” ~ Sam Baldry, Head of Design at Swoon

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Incorporating Plants into Your Living Space

Whether you’re a long-time plant parent, or just beginning to build a collection of green friends, you know by now that plants deserve a prime place in your home. Not only have they been scientifically proven to boost moods and increase creativity levels, but they can also reduce stress, as well as eliminate air pollutants in your home. All of these benefits can contribute to promoting wellness and self-care, as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing display in every space. To incorporate them into your abode without taking up valuable floor space, why not consider displaying them in a macramé plant hanger? Hang them on the wall next to a few coordinating prints for an Art-Deco vibe feature wall.

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Separate Your Personal and Professional Spaces

A part of the self-care journey that people don’t usually consider is being able to separate your personal and professional spaces within your abode. Working from home more regularly has seemingly blurred the lines of our once separate work and home life into one, which can be damaging to your emotional and mental wellbeing. It is important to separate the two as best as you can and having a routine and separate space for working can enable you to fully switch off.

Having the benefit of being able to focus on family or friends and personal projects, without the potential stresses and responsibilities of your job still looming, is freeing for the soul – as well as the interior of your home. Having a space where you don’t visit apart from work allows the rest of your home to remain a ‘work-free zone’. This could be a designated room, or even a specific space such as a desk, as your working sanctuary. If you’re a little light on space, why not consider a folding desk, which can be collapsed when not in use? It’s the best of both worlds!

“To create a relaxing work-from-home space, my recommendation is to ensure you always have comfortable seating – nobody wants to sit on a plastic chair for eight hours! Consider an armchair for meetings, or a sumptuously soft padded desk chair to make those longer shifts a little more luxurious – a great seat might even make working more enjoyable!” ~ Sam Baldry

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Relaxation Corner

For some people, self-care is all about being at one with yourself, and being in tune with your body. Therefore, a relaxation space within any home is a must. Creating an environment where you can unwind and switch off from your day can lead to feeling less tension or stress, as it allows your body and mind to unwind in a natural and calming way.

For the ultimate relaxation corner, including furniture and accessories you know will make you feel serene. For most people, a large place to sit back and relax such as a sofa or loveseat is the ideal base. Choose a seat in a tone that you find calming, such as a teal blue which mimics crashing waves, or a mustard yellow which radiates cheerful vibes. Then, accessorise the space with cosy soft furnishings, from velvety throws to cocoon yourself with, to cushty throw pillows to rest your head.

Finally, don’t forget about the scent! To feel ultimate relaxation, you should aim to satisfy all of your senses. So, now that you’ve catered for the others, choose a diffuser or room spray that makes you feel tranquil to finish off the job – we’d recommend lavender or sea minerals.

So, with five expert suggestions on how to create the ultimate self-care space, which one are you tempted to try first? From decluttering your abode to separating work and play, these effective tips and tricks from the experts can lead to a wonderful new lifestyle, all you need to do is embrace it!

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