Tomorrow celebrates ‘Inspire Your Heart With Art Day’, it sounds straightforward enough.

Go to a gallery, theatre, cinema, or music venue, and soak up the art.

Remember the instruction, though: Inspire Your Heart. Care is needed.

How to observe:

  • Visit an art gallery
  • Read a good book
  • Listen to music
  • Attend a ballet performance
  • Start your masterpiece
  • Teach someone how to play an instrument
  • Attend an art lecture
  • Explore a new technique
  • See an inspirational film
  • Share your art with others

So the key to getting the most out of this day is being selective about your art and choosing something that will inspire your heart rather than expire it.

With anything before 1967 you should be on the fairly safe ground, but particularly recommended would be Turner (painting), Beethoven (Music) or Shakespeare (The Whole of Human Life). You know what you like of course: Go consume it!


One of New Year’s resolutions are to bring out the creative ‘me’. I used to be very creative, create vision and inspiration boards, play around with paint, fabrics and wallpapers and more. I have invested in paint, canvases, stand, brushes and more – make sure you connect with me on Instagram so you can see what I am creating.

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