Are you relatively new to the sport of running? Are you enjoying how it makes you feel, the energy it gives you, and the physical benefits it produces? Finding a sport that you love is fantastic, but because an injury can throw you off your game, it’s also important to train safely and smartly. Here are some of the tips you can use that will help prevent running-related injuries so that you can continue to engage in your new hobby without worries of an injury.

How to Help Prevent Running-Related Injuries - Train Safely

Invest In High-Quality Running Shoes

The first tip should be common knowledge, but if you haven’t yet invested in high-quality running shoes, now is the time to do so. Not only are running shoes comfortable but they have been built specifically for the activity, providing the proper structure, support, flexibility, and weight that runners need.

It’s also important that you try the shoes on before making a purchase. Runners need to have a little bit of wiggle room for their toes. When trying on shoes, make sure you’re wearing the socks you plan to train in as well.

As for how often to replace your shoes, experts suggest if you’re running daily, you need to replace them every six months.

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Warm-Up Before You Start Running

Just like with any sport or activity, you should always begin with a light warmup. This prepares your muscles and joints, increases flexibility, and will allow for more fluid and natural movement once you start running.

Set a Slow and Steady Pace to Start With

As you begin your run, you don’t want to go full speed exerting maximum effort. Instead, aim for slow and steady. This can help you to run further and longer distances.

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Deep Tissue Massage Should Be Added to Your Arsenal

Another expert tip is to treat yourself to a deep tissue massage or sports massage regularly as a way to keep your muscles relaxed. When your muscles are relaxed they are less prone to injury since they have a better range of motion. The result can be more productive training sessions, less recovery time, and fewer injuries.

Ben Tolson Sports Massage, which offers sports massage in Bristol, can prove very helpful. Not only can this type of Bristol sports massage help prevent injuries, but it can also extend your athletic career in staying healthy, fit, and strong. It’s all about finding ways to boost your performance and increase your level of safety.

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Don’t Over-Do It

The final tip is to know when enough is enough. It’s wonderful that you want to run daily, but if your body can’t keep up it’s best to take a day off. There is nothing wrong with a rest day if it can help you to be a better runner overall. The worst thing would be to push your body too far and end up injured and unable to train for weeks and even months.

Become a Healthy and Strong Runner

All of these tips will ensure that you become a healthy and strong runner that can skilfully avoid injuries of any kind.

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