There’s nothing that can prepare you for becoming a mother. Suddenly, your whole world is different, and as you embark on the journey of motherhood, you will face multiple challenges. This doesn’t mean to say that the struggles aren’t worth it – they are! But one of the main difficulties is the post-partum body, and it can be extremely hard to deal with the physical changes. Below is a brief guide on how to embrace your post-partum body.

How to Embrace Your Post-Partum Body

Accept the Change

During pregnancy, your body usually changes drastically. It’s common to hope that you will get back to the figure you had before after giving birth. However, this won’t happen quickly and sometimes it isn’t possible. It’s easier said than done to accept your postpartum body because, as we all know, weight gain and stretch marks are common. Moreover, some women may even experience a reduction in their breast size. Luckily, there are quick ways to help you embrace your smaller chest such as bra fillers, silicone bra fillers, or bra inserts; they are a comfortable way to boost your confidence if you’re adjusting to a new size.

Stop Making Comparisons

It’s easy to compare ourselves to others. We might look and others and wonder, “How did she lose weight so quickly?”, “Wow, she looks so much better”, or “Why doesn’t she have stretch marks like me?”. But making constant comparisons isn’t healthy or good for your mental state whatsoever as it only feeds your insecurities. This is why you should remember that not everyone is the same – we all have different bodies, mentalities, and circumstances. If you focus on yourself and your own progress, you will live a more fulfilled, happier life.

Post-Pregnancy Health
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Update Your Wardrobe

If your body has changed substantially, you might still want to fit into your pre-baby clothes. Don’t try to squeeze into old jeans, or expensive lingerie that’s now uncomfortably tight. Instead, update your wardrobe and enjoy some retail therapy! You don’t need to have a lot of money to do this and it’s fun to find bargains in online sales or in charity shops. You’ll be surprised at the high-quality items you may stumble across.

Treat Yourself

You can also boost your mood by treating yourself regularly. Although it’s essential to have healthy meals, don’t feel guilty if you want to enjoy some chocolate, a takeaway, or a glass of wine! You might even want to fit in a nap during the day if you get a break.

Openly Communicate

After giving birth, it’s vital to have a support system. This might consist of your partner, your friends and family, or new mums who are going through the same experience. Talking to someone you trust can make a huge difference and prevent you from feeling alone. However, if you suspect that you might have baby blues or depression, it’s a good idea to speak to a health professional.

The things listed above really do work but there will be days where you forget to be kind to yourself. On those difficult days, remember that you’re loved, get some comfy clothes on, and snuggle up with your new little one!

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