Over time, our homes can become a bit drab and in need of a little extra care and attention. The exterior of your home sets the stage for what’s inside. Whether you just want to improve the look of your home for yourself, or you would like to sell and you want to increase the value of your property, taking care of the outside can really help. Here are some tips on how to add kerb appeal to your property to make a better first impression for your visitors.

How to Add Kerb Appeal to Your Home

Clear paths and driveways

Have you considered how the areas leading up to your property look? For many of us, it’s the back garden where we spend most of our time, but the front of the property requires just as much care and attention to keep it looking nice and inviting. If you have a front garden, a driveway or even just a path to your property, spend some time cleaning this area of any debris or weeds to improve the look. A pressure washer can be helpful here, making light work of an otherwise tiring job. Even if you only have a front step to your door, a clean with some detergent designed for outdoor paving can help to clean up the concrete and prevent mould growth in the future.

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Upgrade your garage door

One area that often gets overlooked is the garage, but it forms an integral part of your home’s exterior and its appearance. If your garage door is damaged and looking worse for wear, it not only brings the look of the property down but it can also compromise its security which can put potential buyers off. It suggests that you don’t care about your home, which puts people off wanting to view the interior. An easy way to enhance the building is to upgrade the garage door to something more aesthetically-pleasing, such as a timber garage door which adds class and style while also being functional.

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Replace the front door’s hardware

The front door is one of the focal points of your property’s exterior and it’s an area that you should maintain if you want to add kerb appeal to your home. An easy way to do this that’s cost-effective but has a lot of impacts is to upgrade the door’s hardware – choose a colour that contrasts with the paint colour, such as brass on a black door or black hardware to stand out against a white door. If you want to add a fun and noticeable detail, you could also add a door knocker and upgrade the letterbox and house number to improve the overall look.

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Go green with the decor

Spruce up the outside of the property with fresh greenery and flowers. You might be surprised by what a positive impact fresh foliage can make to your home and simply by adding some planters or window boxes, you can make it look more inviting and presentable. You don’t need to go overboard and spend a fortune – a budget-friendly way is to add symmetry with two or four small planters either side of the door or underneath the windows to add colour and freshness. Alternatively, opt for hanging baskets for some visual interest.

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Add light

Adding light fixtures to your property’s exterior does more than making it look welcoming – it can also heighten security and helps to ward off intruders. If you already have a light fixture, make sure it’s cleaned free of cobwebs and dust, and make sure there’s a new bulb in it so that it functions properly. If you don’t have a light, invest in a sconce or hanging pendant light that adds a decorative feature while also being practical. Alternatively, you can go for motion-sensor lights that will come on when someone moves in front of them for added convenience.

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Final thoughts

A few small changes can make the world of difference when it comes to your property, but so many of us neglect the outside in favour of the interiors. From updating the garage door and front door hardware with a more striking alternative to paying closer attention to the maintenance of the areas leading up to your home, you can improve the kerb appeal of your property in next to no time simply by updating a few key features.

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