Headache is not a new concept. People of all ages are affected by different types of headaches such as sinus, tension, hypertension, cluster, and migraine is one of them. The effects of migraines are serious and can last for weeks to months. It involves intensive deep pain from one end to another end in your head. The worst part of migraine is that it limits your ability to do day-to-day tasks. Just when you come into contact with light and sound, you start experiencing headache symptoms. Even to some people, nausea and vomiting occur very commonly.

Most experts believe having education about headache causes is the best way to come out of pain. Once you know what factors affect your headache, you can stay away from them next time for the best results. Considering your migraine pain, here we have created a list of the top 9 reasons for migraine headaches. Find out which is yours when you last suffer from a headache or dealing with it now.

Here Are Top 9 Reasons For Migraine Headaches - Find Out Which is Yours

Top 9 Reasons for Migraine Headache

  1. Dehydration

When your body is not getting enough water is one of the major causes of migraine. There are some circumstances when you ignore drinking water, such as while travelling. Most people forget that their body needs water and keep on travelling for miles. Other reasons could be the cold climate or wintertime when most people forget to drink water from time to time. Even while working in the office, refilling water bottles seems to be a daunting task. And they keep on working for a long duration on the system. So, check out Headache Education and find out the reason for your migraine trigger. If it could be due to lack of drinking water, then change your water intake habit and include more water with a daily diet. Moreover, there are a lot more health benefits of drinking water.

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  1. Unexpected Change in Weather

Sudden change in weather is something that you cannot ignore or control. For instance, an increase in humidity level, barometric pressure, lightning strikes are the few causes of change in the climate. But to come out of a migraine, you can take plenty of rest. It helps you to come out of a migraine headache faster than taking medicines or going with other alternatives.

  1. Fluctuations in Hormone Levels

Fluctuations in hormone levels affect human behaviour and sometimes result in migraine headaches. While considering headaches due to hormonal fluctuations, women are more affected compared to men. As there are a number of occasions such as pregnancy, menses, and before or during menopause which affect women from time to time. Therefore, when the ratio is calculated for women and men migraines on the basis of hormones, the 3:1 ratio is found.


  1. Change in Stress Level

Rather than saying only stress, sudden stress is another reason that leads to a migraine. This could be due to work or personal life stress. For example, sudden stress can attract when you get a new project in the last working hours and need to compete on the same day. Other reasons could be increasing family disputes and raising financial needs. Health experts always advise patients to come out of stress as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can lead to migraines.

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  1. Unregulated caffeine intake

Intake of caffeine is always recommended as it can help to deal with migraine and stress levels. But, if the user starts consuming too much caffeine, like cup after cup. It could have adverse effects on your health. Therefore, always use caffeine in a limited quantity that can actually help your migraine.

  1. Tobacco use

For some people, it could be hard to believe that tobacco can also lead to migraines. But it is true. Tobacco affects blood flow in your body by slowing down blood vessels’ healing power. Therefore, most people found migraines after smoking. You can also check out whether you suffer from migraines after smoking or not to find the real culprit.

  1. Change in Sleep Schedule

Whether you are sleeping for long hours or for a short time, both ways could result in a migraine. Therefore, always plan your sleeping pattern. Slipping or shifting it could result in the attraction of migraine. With this, sleeping on time has other benefits that help to heal the body and mind. Restore new cells that help to fight against many diseases.

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  1. Missing your meal

Many people reduce body fat or, due to a hectic schedule, skip their one-time meal every day. But, this is one of the biggest blunders that create another episode of migraine. Skipping meals can lead to a drop in blood sugar levels and invite migraines. So, never do this thing. You can also try short and healthy meals between main foods to stay healthy. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables help you to put down bodyweight and stay away from migraine.

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  1. Medication Overdose

People who are suffering from migraines most likely to take medications to get rid of them ASAP. Taking medicines is great, but taking them too frequently could be harmful and start affecting your body negatively. Therefore, never take medication after a prescribed period of time. You can also choose natural ways that benefit migraines. Some of the natural remedies are;

  • Apply ice packs on the head and neck to reduce the impact of migraines.
  • Wrap ice cubes in a towel around the affected area for 10-20 minutes
  • Try green ginger tea to reduce the effect of migraine.
  • Take a mustard or olive oil massage on your forehead
  • You can also try acupuncture/Acupressure to deal with migraine headaches.
  • Avoid migraine-triggering food such as Chocolate, Foods with nitrates, Pickled foods, cold drinks, ice cream, etc.
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Let’s Sum Up!!

A migraine is a strong pounding headache, either on one side or on both sides of the head. It’s hard to imagine how the person is working while bearing migraines, especially women whose role is never-ending at home. Taking lots of medication every time is not a wise decision, as it leads to a negative effect on your health. Therefore, the best way is to take a diary and note down your cause of migraine. Try to avoid such situations to stay away from migraines for a longer time.

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