It can be really scary to find out that your prescription has changed. This could be true for multiple reasons; maybe you can’t afford a new pair of glasses, maybe you don’t have time to buy a new pair of glasses, or maybe you really like your current frames and don’t want to let go of them. All of these are very valid reasons to not want to buy a new pair of glasses, but I’m going to let you in on a secret: you don’t have to. One of the best and easiest things to do if your prescription has changed is to simply change the lenses in your current frames. This being said replacement lenses might not always be the best option for you. 

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of replacement lenses for glasses: 

Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Replacement Lenses for Glasses

Advantage #1: You Don’t Have to Leave Your House

Buying a whole new pair of glasses is a pretty long process that can take up to a month. Usually, you would have to go from store to store to find the perfect frame, which can be quite tedious. One of the advantages of getting replacement lenses is that you can order replacement lenses for glasses online from the comfort of your own home, and you’ll receive your glasses back with the new lenses within days. 

Disadvantage #2: Your Frames Could Break

While it’s a really convenient option to get replacement lenses, you should keep in mind that the process of taking your current lenses out and putting the new lenses in could break your frames for good. That’s why you should only send your current frames in for replacement lenses if they are in almost-new or really good condition. If they are even a little worn out, there is a chance that they could break for good. 

Advantage #3: You Can Get Better Lenses

Since you’re only going to be paying a fraction of the price of a whole new pair of glasses, chances are that you might be able to afford higher-quality lenses with more coatings and treatments. In this case, it’s definitely a better idea to order your replacement lenses online. Most brick-and-mortar stores don’t have all the options for lenses that online stores do. If you bought your glasses from a brick-and-mortar store, order your replacement lenses from an online retailer, so you can explore the many coating and treatment options available for the lenses. Some of the coatings and treatments you can get include: anti-glare, blue light, anti-reflective, anti-fatigue, anti-scratch, light responsive, UV protection and more. Make sure to speak with your optometrist, to better understand which coatings and treatments are the right options for you. 

The standard options for lens thickness are polycarbonate and high index. Polycarbonate lenses are the standard lenses which cost around $100 but can go up to around $250, depending on the coating and treatments you add to your lenses.1.67 high index lenses are usually the thinnest lenses offered. They cost around $150 but can go up to around $400, depending on the coatings and treatments you want to add. High-index lenses are a bit more pricey, but they are usually recommended for people with higher prescriptions. 

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Disadvantage #4: You Can’t Really Change Your Frames

It’s possible that between now and when you first got your frames, your face shape has changed, and your frames no longer fit comfortably on your face. If this is the case for you, replacement lenses might not be the best option. You can’t really change the shape of the frames to better fit your face, although depending on the condition and material of your frames, it could be possible to make some adjustments (but not any drastic ones). The best thing to do in this scenario is to contact your online retailer and see what they can do. 

Advantage #5: You Can Keep Your Frames

There’s a good chance that you only got your frames 1 or 2 years ago and you’re still kind of in love with them. If this is the case for you, finding out that your prescription has changed can be really sad news. Well, now you know that it doesn’t have to be! One of the benefits of getting replacement lenses is that you wouldn’t have to let go of your beloved frames. It can be really hard to find a frame that really expresses who you are with its shape, colour and style. Once you find it, you shouldn’t have to let go of it. 

Keeping these advantages and disadvantages in mind, you can make the best decision on whether or not replacement lenses are for you. In reality, if you love your current frames, they fit comfortably and are in good condition– then you are good to go! Feel free to get started on your replacement lens journey!

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