Botox is a procedure that helps to reduce the signs of ageing on the face. It is the best alternative for when you prefer not to go under the knife to get the years off your face. Time and age can do a number on your face leaving you with wrinkles and saggy skin. But, with a Botox treatment, you can say so long to those ageing signs. So, what do you need to know before getting Botox treatment?

Everything You Should Know Before Getting Botox Treatment

You can start early

With Botox, the early bird gets the best results. Most people view Botox as something they will need when old and wrinkly. That could not be further from the truth. Getting a Botox earlier on prevents worsening of the blush lines and wrinkles. The neurotoxin injections will have preventative effects against wrinkles and fine lines.

The procedure does not do away with the wrinkles

It may seem ironic since Botox is for fine lines and wrinkles. However, Botox does more to prevent than restore. It may prevent more wrinkles from forming but not reinstate your face to its pre-wrinkle state. That is why getting Botox earlier before the wrinkles start will get you the best results.

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Do not skip on the consultation

It may be a simple procedure, but you do not want to pop up at the doctor’s over the lunch hour and get an injection without prior consultation. A consultation is crucial since it allows the doctor to assess and understand how your face naturally moves. That will help them give you a refreshed look rather than leave you expressionless. Also, with the consultation, the doctor can conduct a health assessment to know what medicine you are currently on and what drug allergies you may have.

A consultation will help you analyze if the provider makes you feel comfortable and listens to your needs without judgment. You can consider consulting Botox at Modern Women’s Health to work with experienced doctors and get the best results.

The results are temporary

The magical effects of Botox do last forever. The effects fade out over time, and you may need to get more treatments to enjoy the results. On average, the results may fade off in about four months. Factors like exercise or being too expressive can make the Botox last for an even shorter period.

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Good work is not cheap

As with any other cosmetic procedure, you get what you pay for with Botox too. Be wary of deals that sound too good to be true. That does not mean that you should flag all Botox deals as scams. Do your research beforehand. It is good to find out if the doctor is board-certified. Consider customer reviews and clinic reputation before deciding on a doctor.

You may bruise

You may have some bruising, but that is nothing out of the ordinary. Sometimes the fine needle may hit a blood vessel as the doctor injects it below the skin surface. That could lead to bruising. However, it is no cause for alarm. The bruises usually fade by themselves in a few days. If it causes you concern, you can have your doctor use laser treatment to break down the bruise.

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Wrapping up

Botox is a safe and highly effective anti-ageing treatment. It combats wrinkles and fine lines, leaving you looking like you drank from the Fountain of youth. The pointers above will have you going into it with all the information you need.

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