It’s never too early to start planning for warmer weather. Now is the perfect time to get your plans ready to go so that there’s no delay when you want to use your backyard. So, here are some great ideas and ways to make your garden the perfect place to sit, hang out, and enjoy.

Equipping Your Backyard For Warmer Weather

Clean and Tidy Up

Before you can make any changes or real plans, you need to tidy your backyard up. Over the winter, debris might collect in your garden. It’s a good idea to take control of this early on, as this debris doesn’t just look untidy, but can provide shelter to pests that cause more serious issues later down the road.

From here, you can take in the full scope of your garden and you have more of a clean slate to work with.

Do you want to make any major changes? Or do you just want your backyard and garden to look their best? 

Now is the time to make those plans.

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Tending to Your Plants

Every garden needs plants to be fully green. Even if your yard doesn’t have a lawn or the space for a proper garden, you can use potted plants to add all that much-needed greenery to your outside space.

Now is the time to check on any existing plants and plan what you’re going to grow in the next year. You can plant some bulbs to be ready for the spring and even consider planting fruit or vegetables. 

Use planting guides online to work out what you can grow in your area and when you should plant them. If you have trees or bushes that need cutting back, look at online guides for their specific species so that you can give them the best care possible.

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Patios and Deckings

As well as the landscaping, or the plants in your garden, it’s worth looking into the hardscaping, or structures in your backyard. Patios and deckings provide a great place to sit and relax without ruining your lawn.

If you need a shady area in your backyard, this is the perfect place to include covers are umbrellas so people can sit without worrying about the sun. You can also eat and even cook here, as you have a solid platform where it will be safe.

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Garden Furniture and Ornaments

Speaking of sitting and eating outside, you’ll need outdoor furniture that is sturdy and looks good in your garden. Teak garden furniture is a fantastic option, because it can withstand the weather, but looks nice as a set and works with the rest of your garden. 

As well as functional furniture, consider outdoor lighting to allow you to enjoy warm summer evenings outside. If you have an appropriate place for it, a firepit can be a brilliant addition to any backyard. You can sit around with friends and family and even enjoy some roasted marshmallows or other snacks. Just make sure animals or small children are safe when they go near it.

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