With the life’s busyness, we tend to forget to appreciate the simple pleasures of daily life. This is why I created the ‘Monthly Round-up’ which after great feedback from my clients and readers I turned into this ‘Yearly Round-up Planner’.

Yearly Round-up Planner

This ‘Yearly Round-up Planner’ will help remember the simple joys, highlights & achievements of each day throughout the year.

Simply write down the highlight(s) of your day at the end of the day for 365 days and on the 31st of December 2018, you will have a planner full of things/moments/events etc you’ve been grateful for, for the year that just passed.

This planner has 38 pages with a mid-year review and end of year review. Comes in pdf format so you can print it out!

Website: www.designthelifestyleyoudesire.com

Investment: $7.99

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