Holistic Design examines the way you are dwelling in your home and connects the dots to your life. Whether it’s an imbalance in your relationship, unclear goals or trouble sleeping, I will point out how your challenges are physically or symbolically manifesting in your space. By addressing it all through an all-inclusive approach, transformations – both in space and within yourself – can be profound.

“Mind. Body. Spirit. Home. It’s all connected.”

Holistic Home


When designing, look at how you function in a space. How do you flow from one thing to the next? What are your lifestyle and your little routines? I think through them all and start to plot layouts around them.

Before starting your potential Property Refurbishment project, think of the things you feel physically. Do you feel uncomfortable with your back to a door for example? All of these factors go into building a layout that flows with the person who is in the room and makes them feel physically comfortable in a space.


This is the hardest of the three to address but in many ways the most exciting as it stretches beyond just designing skills and into the areas of Colour Psychology, Psychology and even Neuroscience. It’s what makes people happy and unhappy in a building, to the extent of what can cause them to make healthy or unhealthy choices.

The research in this area is mind-blowing and fascinating, but it’s the one solution that is hard to quantify. People know what they are feeling, but it is often hard for them to pinpoint it to their environments. That is why it is a designer’s job to swot up and blend the good stuff into the design.


Like the clothes we wear, the way a space is decorated speaks about who we are. The style we love and the beautiful pieces we fill our homes with are like a work of art that tells our story. We pick hotels and restaurants to visit because we love how they look. Things we find beautiful make us happy. The visual side of interiors is so important.

Holistic Home

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