With modern interiors now huge within the interior design industry, you often see contemporary design features sneaking their way into even the most traditional of décor styles. Contemporary interiors boast key elements that every home can benefit from incorporating, from the right balance of lighting to plenty of open space, so whether you have a country style home or you’ve adapted to modern styling, continue reading to find out which contemporary elements you should add to your home.

Contemporary Elements that Every Home Needs

Bright Lighting

Having plenty of bright lighting throughout your interiors is going to really help to open up space and create an airy, fresh feel. Whilst you can use soft lamps and sidelights for creating a warmer, cosy atmosphere, you can really capture that modern vibe with some bright lighting within each room. The brighter the lighting within your home, the more you’ll feel the welcoming atmosphere. You often find that within rooms with dark or minimal lighting, the atmosphere can often feel close and dull, which isn’t great for creating that homely feel.

Open Interiors

One of the key elements that create a really contemporary feel within the home is having open, airy interiors. Whether you opt for open plan rooms, or you simply position furniture to create more of an open feel, you’ll instantly notice your home feeling much more inviting and contemporary. Just like the rooms featured in this Buster + Punch article, you can see how the chic, contemporary styling of the interiors creates a really luxurious, captivating aesthetic that you’ll want within your own home.

Subtle Colours with Bright Accents

When it comes to contemporary décor, you’ll often find that the main colour scheme focuses around neutral, subtle colours such as beige, cream, grey and white, with the additional bright accent to add character and personality to the room. With the added pop of colour, you can change the whole dynamic of the room and create a space that works for your own personal style. From brightly coloured chairs to bold cushions, throws and artwork, you can create a really contemporary buzz within your interiors without having to change much of the existing décor at all.

Wooden Flooring

Less is certainly more when it comes to contemporary interiors and with chic wooden flooring, you can really capture that minimalist feel. Having bare floors within the home, rather than carpet can help to create a spacious, fresh feel with the addition of natural elements that really help to add warmth to your home. For those wanting to introduce something slightly softer to add a little more to the wooden flooring, you can find some gorgeous rugs that help to finish the look perfectly and add some more personality to the room. Wooden flooring is also great for creating a warm and welcoming feel within your interiors, as well as being much easier to clean and maintain!

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