Vintage and Antique rugs have a come a long way during the last year or something. Their progress can be gauged by the fact that we now have tremendous design varieties in antique rugs, with people going for every one of these designs.

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While we have a lot of contemporary and modern shapes to floor coverings, the rugs from the days gone by used to have a unique sense of warmth and character to them. Not only do they add spark to your room, but they also make sure that you have a great time to spend with your family.

Antique Rugs

Buying an antique rug isn’t an easy process by any means, as you have to do a lot of bargaining and choosing. If you love the look of an antique rug but are out looking for guidance on how you can get on, then you need some patience, tenacity and the following commandments that we have mentioned below.

These rugs often tend to last for centuries, which is why the correct purchase made by following all of the commandments we have below will give you a long lasting rug for the time to come.

Set Realistic Expectations

This is perhaps the most important step you should follow before beginning your search. Having a particular image from Pinterest or Insta set in your mind before you even begin your search can be quite misleading.

You need to ensure that you aren’t being too specific with what you would like. The market for vintage or antique rugs is filled with options, which is why you have to make sure that you don’t tie your options down. Moreover, expecting a bit too much from the rug might also hinder you from quite a few fancy designs.

The downsides of expecting too much or having a set image of what you want on your mind can limit your options down. What this does is that you actually start looking for what you want, rather than appreciating the beauty of individual rugs present around you.

Rather than setting a definite image of a rug in your mind, you’re better of narrowing your choices down to segments within the tribal, geometric, traditional, and colour aspects of the rug you want. Remember to factor in for your home and the interior within while selecting the rug you want.

Choose the Best Dealer

Commandment number two is to be aware of the dealer you’re working with. Put your hawk instincts to test here, and make sure that the dealer you work with has good reviews and recommendations. Make sure that whatever dealer you’re working with has good reviews with them. The dealer should be recognized as someone who services clients before and after the purchase.

There are numerous antique shops, where you can shop for rugs. Choosing the right dealer from the lot can be difficult, which is why you have to play your cards accordingly, and make sure that everything is in line with what you want.

Accept Irregularities in Design

Antique rugs will surely have some irregularities in their design and condition. Since vintage rugs have been used for over 50 to 100 years, there will be signs of wear on them. You might not be able to find a vintage rug that comes without any signs of wear.

Hence, rather than putting your expectations up to the sky, you need to make sure that you are receptive towards any irregularities that you might find within the design. Something like this Anatolian would suffice for your use, because of how the irregularities fit within the original design to make a pretty picture.

Stray Away from Loose Ends

While we talked about accepting irregularities in the commandment above, we will readily like to clarify that loose ends shouldn’t be accepted in any way. Loose ends can lead to a lot of different troubles when it comes to vintage rugs. Once the loose ends on your ancient rug start unravelling, you will find it extremely hard to stop them or keep them in place.

Soon, the beautiful border will turn into an ugly spool of thread. Besides looking ugly, the borders or the ends also are the most expensive part of the rug and are quite hard to repair. However, if you think that the damage to the ends is minimal and that you can get the rug for a low price, you should go for it and break this one rule.

Look for Handmade Signs

Handcraft is perhaps the most appealing and attractive thing about a rug. Carpets and rugs made from machines have their own beauty as well, but it is the design statement of handmade rugs that makes them stand out.

If you want something truly artistic within your home, you need to go for a handmade rug that has the artist’s touch on it. A handmade rug would preferably have some backing on it. Since these designs come with an intricate series of wefts and warps on the front and backside, you will find a similar design on the back, as on the front. Considering the hard work that is put into making them, these rugs tend to be heavily priced and stand out in the crowd.

Go Against the Grain

You can either opt for traditional designs while selecting your handmade rug or go for something completely different. Going against the grain has certain dividends here, as you can truly select a unique design. An imperfect and asymmetrical design will find its calling with you, as these reflect the abstract art concept of the artist, along with the fact that they worked on the idea in their flow.

Such designs, including this vintage Moroccan rug, tend to stand out and can be used within the living room for keeping the area lively.  Go for such a design and create art within your room.

Follow these commandments above to ensure that you buy the perfect ancient rug.

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