Carrinet Veggio is a set of 5 reusable polyester drawstrings net bags in 3 different sizes designed to replace plastic veg bags in supermarkets and grocers. These are Vegetable Bags for Life! They are machine washable, easy to try, do not attract mould or bacteria and allow your fresh produce to breath and stay fresher for longer. Veggio is made of food grade, high quality, long lasting plastic. Helps with reducing food waste too.

By reusing Veggio over and over again, you will drastically reduce the amount of single-use plastics in your life and on our planet. Fill your Veggios with apples, oranges, potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, lemons, avocados, sugar snaps, chillis – with anything you like as they are stress-tested to 10kgs!.

Carrinet Veggio Fruit & Veg Net Drawstring Bags for Life

Veggio now comes with a side label where you easily can attach scanning price tags. You can rinse the fruit or veggies through the bag when you get home. Veggio is machine washable at 40 degrees, hang to dry, reshape gently when damp. Also suitable as a laundry bag for your delicates.

This set contains 5 bags: 2 bags 33x40cm, 2 bags 30x28cm and 1 bag 17x15cm.

Stop using single-use plastic bags at supermarkets and grocers! Instead, invest in produce bags for life and prolong your fresh produce life by using breathable bags.

Investment: £6.99


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