Every woman desires to get their pre-baby body back after pregnancy. And why not? After all, they aim to look good in pictures and flaunt their body. However, breastfeeding is essential for babies for a healthy head start. Over time, it takes a toll on a woman’s body, which may lead to asymmetric breasts and brings low self-confidence.

If you too are afraid of an abrupt breast shape, know that you’re more likely to experience some changes. These may be:

  • Sagging breasts
  • Increase in breast size
  • Reduction in breast size
  • Change in colour of nipples
  • Change in size of nipples, and more.

However, every change depends on the mother’s situation. While these changes aren’t a surprise post-pregnancy, they necessarily don’t have to be your reality.

Surprisingly, there are some surgical, non-surgical, and home remedies to get the breast shape back after pregnancy. With that said, here is what you can do to improve the shape and size of your breast after breastfeeding:

Breasts After Breastfeeding Top 4 Tips on How to Bounce Back

1.    Practice Good Posture

After pregnancy, you are more likely to spend hours relaxing on your bed or a comfortable sofa. However, it is wise to know that a bad posture contributes a lot to promoting saggy breasts.

For that reason, you should consider practicing good posture to get the pre-baby body back. Most medical experts emphasize keeping the shoulders back and spine straight as much as possible. After all, you aim to prevent any stubborn imbalances from forming.

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2.    Use Breast Creams

The best DIY method to improve breast size is to use breast creams regularly. These creams have some properties that affect the skin and muscle tissue in diverse ways.

However, these creams tighten the skin and result in a texture that is smooth and firm in the breasts. When choosing the breast cream, ensure that it is rich in healthy ingredients, such as ashwagandha, aloe vera, avocado oil, etc.

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3.    Undergo A Breast Reconstruction Surgery

While using these home remedies and other products is great, sadly, they only offer short-term results. Even worse, most products contain harmful chemicals which can worsen your symptoms.

For that reason, it is wise to undergo breast reconstruction surgery to enjoy long-lasting results. Breast surgery falls into three categories: implant reconstruction, hybrid breast reconstruction, and microsurgical breast reconstruction. However, the type of surgery you undergo depends on your situation and body type.

If over-the-counter products and other home remedies aren’t providing the desired results, undergoing breast surgery can be your go-to option. However, if you hesitate to undergo surgery, reading through online resources about breast reconstruction by Dr. Neil Tanna can be your best bet. It will give you deep insights into how it’s done and what are the aftercare tips.

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4.    Wear A Supportive Bra

Sagging breasts are annoying but avoidable. During the initial stages, you can use the supportive bra to hold your breast in the right position.

Thereby, to get the pre-baby body back, you need to ditch your old bras. Furthermore, as you hold your child and feed them, your posture changes, and it is slightly bent forward. Also, remember to remove your bra before sleeping to ensure proper blood circulation.

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Wrapping Up

While changes in your body are common after pregnancy, it doesn’t have to be your reality. When it comes to getting the pre-baby body back, there is a lot more you can do to nourish your body.

Losing weight slowly, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and taking alternate showers are some other measures to undertake to ensure healthy breasts.

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