One of the things we LOVE about cooking is that cooking a meal is one of the most personal things you can do for someone. You’re literally providing plated nourishment made with your own hands and creativity. Even if you’re following a recipe, you picked the recipe and planned the meal, didn’t you?

The speciality of a home-cooked meal is the feeling of abundance it provides. Everything you have and need is right in the front of you within arms reach. The fragrance of garlic, the crackle of the skillet, and the sight of a perfectly roasted bird coming out from the oven…. DIVINE! Cooking speaks to all of my senses – it’s a joy I am so proud to know!

Alongside my almost daily rounds to Morrisons, I have been cooking with Abel & Cole for the past couple of months – if you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed it in my stories.

I am a pretty good cook if I can say so myself and so is my daughter, and we LOVE to try out new recipes all the time, in fact – we became BonAppetour Hosts last year! Abel & Cole’s recipe boxes are just perfect for foodies (like us), fresh and organic produce, great recipes and service – and to top it off – it makes life a little easier when cooking Soulful Food.

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole began 30 years ago when Keith Abel went door to door selling potatoes. A few things have changed since then, they now deliver a lot more fresh, delicious, organic veg boxes (and so much more) to happy, healthy homes. They’re known for their organic veg boxes, yet they’re more than a one-trick apple cart and now they bring organic British meat, sustainably-sourced fish all your kitchen cupboard essentials and everything else you’d expect to find in a farm shop. All in a box wrapped up with recycled string.

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