Soulful Living is all about living with intent is living a life that is healthy and purposeful, but also joyful. It’s asking ourselves what will make ourselves happy. Intent comes from our soul, whereas goals come from our mind.

This is something I have struggled with in the past, but working on to improve. I have always been a high-achiever; launch new projects and businesses, winning awards, be featured in mainstream media and so on. Despite all the success I’ve had over the past few years, I felt like something was missing. I felt disconnected and didn’t know how to ‘fix’ it.

Live with intent

Years went by, and on my journey to self-discovery, I discovered that in the busyness of life, achieving my goals and reaching milestones, I had forgotten to LIVE. After reaching one goal, I will think ‘Was this is it? What’s next?’ and I will move on to the next thing – and this continued for a while until it hit me – literally a couple of months ago; When was the last time I felt alive? It turned out I couldn’t remember when that was, that’s the moment I made a promise to myself; to live a little more – every day. To Live Consciously, Intentionally and Wholeheartedly!

5 Ways to Live Intentionally:

  1. Define who you are and what you want
  2. Be Present
  3. Cultivate Mindfulness
  4. Assess what is really important to you
  5. Dream Big

Live with intent

What can you do from this moment on to live with more intent?

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