How many times have you made some sort of major life decision on a whim and later regretted it? Everyone does it, so don’t feel so alone. The point is, learn from your (and others’) mistakes. Here are 5 things you should never do on a whim. While not listed, skydiving without training could be listed. But all joking aside, here goes.

1. Tattoos

Tattoos are a permanent form of body art and although it might be possible to ‘erase’ smaller tattoos, usually it’s a matter of tattooing over the top whenever possible. Never go to the tattoo parlour after a night at the pub – big mistake!

2. Major Purchases

You wake up one morning and the bathroom is flooded. While you slept the toilet began running nonstop and you woke up to a major flood. This drove you out to buy a new bathroom, and on a whim, you chose one with state-of-the-art everything. Unfortunately, you got into debt over your head so that flood seemed slight in comparison. At least you weren’t drowning in it.

3. Loans

Everyone needs a personal loan from time to time and that is perfectly fine. The problem arises when you take the first loan that comes your way. Take the time to understand what you are looking for and the terms available to you. One website has Personal Loans To Suit You! – Simple Personal Loans, and they will have options to choose from. In other words, there’s nothing inherently wrong with getting a personal loan but getting that loan on a whim without adequate research is a mistake.

4. Investments

Here, again, investing can be lucrative but the wrong investment products or strategies can literally wipe you out! Just because a friend, co-worker or blog says that this is the place to invest doesn’t make it so, spend some time looking around, visit comparison sites and even review sites similar to Robinhood App Reviews.

Perhaps your friend or co-worker hit at a time when the market was ripe and perhaps it was just a fluke. The bought and sold quickly enough so that they didn’t sustain losses. For whatever reason, it’s always a mistake to invest on a whim. We all dream of striking it rich, but you know what that old proverb says about haste!

5. Marriage

So many people rush into marriage without giving a relationship time to blossom. Was it really love at first sight or could it have been lust at first sight or even a case of mistaken identity? You think you’ve found the perfect life partner but when the novelty wears off you see another person altogether. That first assessment really was a case of mistaken identity and you really didn’t know that person at all. While divorces are more commonplace than even a generation ago, they can be quite costly under certain circumstances. This is true for both traditional and same-sex marriages and therefore it is crucial to have an experienced legal team like Peters and May on your side if you do decide to separate. Accordingly, if you would like to learn more concerning Peters And May and the services that they can offer to help you to dissolve a marriage, you can find plenty of helpful resources on their website.

never do on a whim

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So, there you have 5 of the many things you should never do on a whim. Yes, there are times when you must make a split-second decision, but more often than not, acting on a whim falls outside the realm of necessity.

Slow down. Take your time and give it a little thought. What’s the hurry anyway?

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