Moving is considered one of the most stressful things that we can do. This does not, of course, stop us moving because it usually becomes a re-location necessity because of our job or our family has grown so large that we need to move into a bigger house for everyone’s comfort and convenience.

In Brisbane, things are no different from anywhere else in terms of our decisions to move, but they do have Packers and Movers that will think of everything when it comes to the moving experience. For instance, they will employ lady packers to handle your goods with even greater care. This is all while supplying all the packing materials we need and offering us competitive rates.

In this article, to help us decide on our moving firm, we will examine the different areas that make a packing and removal firm great.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Removal Firm

Gentle Touch

The bonus of having ladies pack your items to be moved is that their naturally caring nature transfers into the packing process.

In addition, it has been discovered that when women are involved in many different tasks, they will process information five times faster than men and use less of their brain when it comes to identical cognitive performances. I guess what this all means is that packing for a move does not involve identical processes because every item will be different, which means it is better to have a multi-tasker pack, which would then mean a female packer. This then preferences women over men when it comes to packing up your prized possessions for a household move. However, this is your decision to make.

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Removal firms are experts in knowing how to pack something so that it is adequately protected from damage during transit. They have the experience of dealing with all the different shapes, sizes, and weights imaginable, and how certain items fit well together. It makes sense to not go it alone and at least hire someone to help you that has the expertise to protect your family heirlooms. Some things are just not replaceable and no amount of money can compensate for their loss.

Packing Materials

The beauty of hiring professionals is that your packing and moving firm will provide all the packing materials you need for your move. Firstly, you will need a lot of them, and secondly, they will need to be the right kinds of packaging to protect your items. You may not know what works best because you can only at this stage imagine your goods moving in transit. Whereas a moving firm has experience of it. So, particularly with a first move, it is good to hire a reputable packing and moving firm, and then for every move thereafter, to give you peace of mind that the packing used will be adequate and fit for purpose.

Typically, materials used for packaging will include packing paper, bubble wrap/cushioning, Styrofoam chips or packing peanuts, and packing foam. These are considered the most protective. They will cost money to buy if you do not have them from recycling the materials from goods you have received. When moving, though, you would not have enough of any material, anyway, to make an impact on the packing task ahead. So, save all this bother of buying packing materials and have your moving firm take care of it all.

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Recommendations are useful to obtain as to which firm you should use for moving. Local recommendations can be via word of mouth or from websites. You need to be careful with the latter because comments are not necessarily genuine and only related to one person’s experience. Also, think about the services on offer. For instance, if a removal firm offers the service of lady packers, then they are putting customer service at the forefront of their activities.


You can save on costs by hiring a local moving firm in the first place to save on the fuel expenses of this part of the journey. Also, this ensures that they will start the process off on time so that there is less chance of a delay concerning the house exchange at the other end. This is very often made on the same day between parties. You will want the firm you use to be good at coordinating such things.

So, there is a lot to consider when choosing a packing and moving firm, but the more services they offer in terms of providing packers and packaging, the more likely they are to be of the mindset that service matters above all else, and of course it does. We want our goods to be handled with care as well as arrive on time.

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