Detoxification is all about purging the harmful chemicals and substances from your body and leaving it cleansed and healthy. Typically, a detox program revolves around cleansing diet, with a focus on foods, herbs and juices that remove the toxins from your system. But exercise is an equally important element because it helps in clearing the toxins through sweat.

The benefits of exercise go far beyond; from stimulating the blood circulation to improving the functioning of the liver, kidneys and digestive tract, there are several ways it cleanses your body. So you should be all set to include exercise within your detox program for better results. Here are some best workout routines that promote detoxification.

Workout Routines


Aerobics are cardiovascular exercises that get your heart pumping and increase the intake of oxygen as well. Bot of these factors plays a crucial role in accelerating the detoxification processes. Plus, you tend to sweat a lot with these exercises and end up eliminating toxins through sweat. Besides aerobics, brisk walking, jogging, cycling and hiking come in the category of cardiovascular exercises that promote detox.


Even though yoga is not as strenuous as aerobics, its detox benefits are more holistic as it stimulates the body and the mind. Several yoga poses are designed to strengthen muscles and make them more flexible by twisting and stretching them. There are others that activate the detox organs like the liver and kidneys and promote the digestive function as well. At the same time, there are a few that strengthen your mind and clear out negative thoughts and emotions.


Undoubtedly, the importance of detoxing your body is immense because it keeps you in good health and great shape. Similarly, clearing up your brain is essential to keep you happy and focused. Meditation, though is the workout of the brain, rejuvenates your body as well through mental detoxification. Deep breathing and relaxation exercises release the pent up stress and anxiety, which promotes the overall detox process too.


If you are looking for a detox workout that is enjoyable too, dancing is the best one for you. It gets your heart rate up and promotes sweating to flush out toxins from your body. The best part about this workout routine is that you need not force your body to do it. Just step into a Zumba studio or play your favourite music at home and dance your way to good health!


Another enjoyable detox workout is rebounding, which will probably remind you of your childhood as you bounce on a trampoline. Surprisingly, this low-impact exercise is capable of stimulating the lymphatic system. Lymph nodes act as filters for toxins and prevent them from entering the lymph fluid. Only 20 minutes of this fun exercise thrice a week can get your detox plan working more effectively.

These simple workout routines are amazingly easy to adopt yet the results they are capable of bringing are incredible. So the next time you start with a detox program, make sure that these are incorporated with your diet plan.

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