Are you part of the small percentage of the population that is genetically blessed and is now looking into a career in modelling? If so, did you know that modelling is an umbrella term and there are all different types of modelling that you can explore? Not all types will appeal to you, and you may not even be an ideal candidate for all.

To help ensure you find your dream career, here’s a look at four types of modelling to try that is perfect for the genetically blessed.

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Fitness Modelling

When it comes to the different types of modelling, most people in the industry would agree that fitness modelling is a very competitive category. As a fitness model, you need to have a very healthy lifestyle in terms of what you eat, your desire to stay physically fit and have that general positive energy about you. Fitness models are hired to model athletic wear, underwear and sometimes swimsuits.

Take a look at today’s underwear models to get an idea of what would be expected of you. You need to eat, breathe and live fitness, but for the right person, it can be the perfect career.

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Fashion Editorial Modelling

This is a very specific branch of modelling, and for the right person, it can be incredible. Editorial models are models whose work appears in fashion magazines. Think all the high-end magazines like Vogue, Glamour and Elle. You may not always be modelling clothing, however; you may also model hair care products, skincare, makeup, jewellery, current trends and so forth.

For many editorial models, the goal is to create their brand so that they can become well-known to all the top companies and designers. People such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Gigi Hadid and Linda Evangelista are all great examples and are household names.

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Runway Modelling

If you think you’ve got the perfect runway strut, a career in runway modelling could be the best match. These models need to exude confidence and beauty and showcase the garments as the designers intended. Their physique is unattainable to most, but if you’ve got the height, have an interesting bone structure and the confidence needed, then the runway could be where you’re meant to shine.

4 Types of Modelling to Try for the Genetically Blessed

Plus-Size Modelling

As designers work to become more inclusive, creating fashion for all, there has been a demand for plus-size models. It’s quite common for large fashion houses or designers to have separate plus-size divisions now, so they need models to showcase the clothing. As a plus-size model, you may work for a particular brand or designer, walk in runway shows, magazine spreads, commercial modelling and more.

To qualify as a plus-size model you need to be a size 12-14 in print and 18-22 for runway modelling. As for height, just like with other categories, your height will be important too. Generally speaking, plus-size models are 5’6-9”.

As you can see by this list, if you’re genetically blessed and considering a career in modelling, these are a few popular types to consider.

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