If you have been following me, you will know I am a big lover of Paris and a big advocate of practising Self-Love & Self-Care. You might even remember one of my posts; ‘You are not for everyone and that is your Super Power‘? It was about growing up being a people pleaser and putting everyone and everything first and myself last – I just wanted to be liked, loved, accepted and to feel like I belonged.

This all changed when I moved to London with my now teenage daughter back in July 2008.

So what happened when I finally started putting myself first and treating myself right? I became more confident. I looked more self-assured –  unapologetically self-assured. I started living well by making myself a priority in my own life.

The point is that women who value themselves, take care of themselves and pick up that je ne sais quoi attitude become much more compelling. And life without excuses or quiet guilt about listening to one’s own needs and desires tends to — surprise! — make you happier in life.

treat yourself right

7 ways to get started with treating yourself right:

1. Make the most of your assets.

Figure out what works for you, your body, and your shape and stick with it, updating with small, seasonal touches.

2. Practice pleasure rituals.

Feeling good is as important as looking good. Long baths, facials, massages, and any type of treatment for the body are not luxuries, they’re essentials — no matter how busy your life is.

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3. Respect your body.

If you’re doing something that makes you feel and look great, there will be a positive effect on your physique and overall well-being (obviously, this includes sex) – learn to feel good in your own skin.

4. Enjoy great food.

Great food is fundamental to life, so why deprive yourself? Enjoy a little of everything, and treats in moderation. Of course, if you are eating out, you may well fancy some good company to go along with the good food. Why not look into escorts London? They are perfect for any occasion. Whether you require a dinner date, a companion to an occasion or event, or an evening out, there is someone for you.

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5. Don’t let age stop you from living well.

In how many other countries are women of “a certain age” still considered seductive? Age is no reason to give up on looking and feeling great.

6. Be grateful for small things.

A tiny but delicious éclair au Chocolat, a new perfume, the beautiful smell of lavender, a perfectly aged cheese, a cup of tea. Appreciate that the small things in life are just as important as the big ones.

7. Enjoy life.

Find your passion, say “no” to anything that is a waste of time and keeps ongoing. Focus on what you love. It’s irresistible!

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