With our homes experiencing all the wondrous things that technology brings us, there is nothing wrong with wanting to bring a little old to the home to mix with the new.

Craving a style based on vintage is a fine line between being fabulous and being outdated. It all comes down to a perfect balance. No one wants to have a house like their grandmother used to have, but there is nothing wrong with making a statement that your home is classic in its design.

It can be done in decor; it can be done in furniture choice and can even be achieved in flooring choices.

Springing for Vintage


Flooring is the one part that is going to need to be the long-standing aspect of your home. It’s relatively easy to change wall colour or furnishings in comparison to pulling up a floor.

Whilst you may feel inclined to opt for hardwood flooring of a lighter design, it can be expensive and hard to replace individual boards should any damage occur. If that vintage wood look is what you crave, then why not go a perfectly replicated route via Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

With vinyl tiles or planks you get the exact replication of hardwood flooring with none of the maintenance stress. They can be installed quickly, easily and kept looking great for decades with their protective properties against scratches, stains, and moisture.

Also, you open up options on various designs through selections like Luvanto Herringbone and Endure Pro.


Having some antique furniture really binds a room together mixing the old and traditional with the new and modern.

To create a complete look you should aim for furniture that matches your flooring giving a sense of connectivity, almost like they are part and parcel of the house as a whole. As these products are not made from a vinyl source you should choose furniture that reacts well to paints and gloss as they tend to fade with sunlight over time where your flooring won’t.

Don’t be overzealous with antique shopping though. A little too much can outdate your home and make it feel like a museum.

Pattern and Colour

When it comes to patterns or plain, especially with the flooring, it’s neither here nor there on which is the best preference.

Some rooms without patterning can come across the pretty plain, so an abstract design would be a welcome dose of character. When looking at colour for the room, preferred colour tends to lean towards pastels to give more of a statement than a plain magnolia.

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