Cannabis is a psychoactive compound that is made from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. It can be smoked, vaporized, or eaten. Cannabis contains over 400 compounds that have been found to have medicinal and psychoactive effects.

It is also used recreationally in many countries such as Canada, the United States, and Europe. Cannabis has been used by humans for thousands of years for its psychoactive properties.

The use of cannabis has increased dramatically in recent years because of its medical benefits which include pain relief and nausea relief. This is why more beginners are now coming into the world of cannabis in order to derive the myriad of benefits.

New to Cannabis? 4 unique ways to get high


Joints are one of the most popular forms of cannabis consumption.

Joints are often preferred by many people since it is the easiest way to smoke some cannabis without getting any apparatus involved. You can easily roll a joint within 5 minutes and it does not waste a lot of weed. This is perfect for beginners since you might get too overwhelmed by a bong the first time around.


Bongs are popularly known as water pipes that are used to smoke marijuana. They can be made from different materials such as ceramic, glass, wood, and metal.

Bongs are also used to smoke other substances like tobacco, but it is not recommended as the smoke will have a different taste. Bongs work by passing the smoke through water before it reaches the user. This makes it easier for people who want to inhale slowly to get a cleaner hit.

Different types of bongs:

  • Chambered bong: this type of bong has a chamber in which the cannabis is placed before being smoked via the stem or bowl piece.
  • Glass on glass bong: this type of bong has a chamber with one or more pieces of glass that act as an airway for smoking cannabis through water and only one stem or bowl piece is needed for smoking weed with this kind of bong.
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THCP Gummies

THCP Gummies are the best way to get high with edibles. They are easy to use and have a wide range of benefits. These THCP Gummies come in different flavours and are available online for the convenience of the users. These gummies can be eaten by themselves or as an ingredient in other recipes like brownies or cookies.

Reasons for using THCP Gummies:

  • It is easier to eat than other edibles
  • You can enjoy them on the go
  • They taste better than other edibles
  • You do not need to inhale smoke in order to get high this way
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Concentrates are the most potent form of cannabis. They are made by extracting THC and CBD from cannabis flowers. There are a few different ways to smoke concentrates, but the most common is through a pipe or a dab rig.

Cannabis concentrates have been around for centuries, but recently, they have become more popular than ever before. From medical and recreational use to industrial application, cannabis concentrates have many benefits that make them worth looking into.

It is important to know your options for consuming weed before you start. Use this list to help you on your journey.

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