We are halfway through our Summer holidays and it has been pretty hectic Khushi and I both working, daily life routines, unexpected death of a family member and funeral in Lisbon ?? and then a visit to Hastings to check out the area before our move next year. We are off to Norway ?? for 10 days with a 3-day ferry trip to Germany ??.

Maximise your Summer

I must admit that a summer break (or any break) can be so helpful for optimising your health and well-being in more ways than one…

So… with the Summer holidays finally here, a little bit of clever planning can amplify your time even further to make it the happiest, most memorable Summer you’ve ever had. Read on for my top tips to maximise your Summer.

“The purpose of taking a break is to have the time rest. A holiday is a perfect way to disconnect and then reconnect with life!”

I have put together 10 time-extending ideas for you to try to get the most out of the Summer holidays:

  1. Be Spontaneous – Just do it!
  2. Use your precious early hour – Wake up earlier and use the quiet time to do whatever you feel like doing
  3. Step out of your usual schedule – We all have a daily schedule, do something different daily that makes you feel alive
  4. Don’t overcrowd your day – Schedule in some free time throughout the day and just do nothing.
  5. Help others
  6. Take a cool shower
  7. Enjoy a mid-morning break
  8. Document everything – do some journaling, photography, doodling etc.
  9. Enjoy a siesta – sometimes all we need is a nap 🙂
  10. Cook yourself some nourishing meals (new blog post on this coming soon)


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