If you can think of a place that summarises the ideal of the British countryside, then the South Downs would probably be it. Once you escape the ring roads of the M25 and the suburbs of London, you start heading towards the endless rolling green of the South Downs. Its clean air and picturesque scenery would make for the perfect peaceful getaway for almost anyone. If you are looking to escape your nine-to-five for somewhere to breathe and lose yourself in the countryside, here are some of the best ways to enjoy a relaxing break in the south of England.

South Downs

The Seven Sisters

If you are looking for a park that has it all, then the Seven Sisters pretty much as to be it. This area of natural beauty has the white cliffs and sprawling fields that are so often referred to in nostalgic British literature. You can see these cliffs from miles away, making it a beacon of the picturesque seaside. The countryside that can be found behind these chalk cliff faces is also abundant with walking trails and outdoor activities. This is the perfect location for someone who likes to calm their mind through adventure.

Book a Luxurious Cottage

If you are planning on doing numerous walks on your relaxation holiday, then do consider booking a place to stay that’s flexible around your timings. While hotels do offer a certain amount of luxury, staying in an equally luxurious rental cottage will allow you to plan your stay around your own timings. Amberley House Cottage Holidays have a variety of cottages in the South Downs to choose from. Whether it’s a king-sized bed or a large bathtub that makes for an indulgent holiday, you can hunt for a rental that would make your getaway complete.

Arundel Castle

If there’s one thing that will take the stresses of daily life off your mind, it’s staying preoccupied throughout the day. The South Downs is home to some fascinating historical monuments, and Arundel Castle is perhaps the most famous. It’s over 1,000 years old, which makes it an astonishing relic of some of Britain’s most notorious historical periods.

Star Gaze

If you’re looking to find some mental escape from everyday life, then there’s nothing quite as magical or captivating as star gazing. As luck would have it, the South Downs offers some of the clearest and most open night skies to stargaze under in the UK. In fact, they have set up South Downs Dark Discovery Sites for just that purpose. These places have been cherry-picked for their spectacular views of the night sky, where you can find jaw-dropping views of the Milky Way. You may even pick up a few tips on night sky photography, as these are hotspots for specialist photographers.

The South Downs offers a clean break from city living. It’s clean air and pitch-black night skies offer a peaceful alternative to hectic everyday life. Whether you spend your days hiking or your nights under the stars, you will find something to captivate you in this part of the UK.

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