Heatwaves are upon us and when one strikes the last thing you want is to be out in the sun. You want a cool oasis within your grasp, which means heading to your nearest pool or beach is sometimes out of the question. Thankfully with a few easy updates to your bedroom, you can transform it into the ultimate oasis at night or during the day and customize it so that you can make as efficient use of energy as possible.

How to Create the Ideal Summer Bedroom Sanctuary

Air Conditioning

You could invest in fans, but the energy that they take up can be high, and they will never as efficiently allow you to cool down as air conditioning could. The last thing you want is to suffer through weeks of poor sleep simply because it’s too hot or the fan blowing on your face all night has dried your eyes and made you sick. If you already have an HVAC system installed in your home, make sure it is working correctly. To know the importance of an efficiently working AC, follow this url here and find everything you need to know. 

Though the initial investment is higher than buying a fan, the overall increase in your quality of life is worth every penny. Simply find the best HVAC Atlanta installation team and bring them in for a consultation, and then eventually an installation.

Better Bedding

The material of your sheets matters, and so does the bedding itself. Ideally, you should have a winter duvet and a summer duvet, one which is thicker and lighter to suit the seasons. On top of that bedding change, aim for breathable fabrics to help keep you cool in the warm summer months. Linen might crinkle, but embrace the boho look because it is the most breathable option available.

Not only will it improve air circulation around your body, but it will also work to wick away water naturally. Keeping cool and dry at night is one of the best strategies you can use to improve your sleep quality during the warmer months.

UV Resistant Windows

A very easy way to reduce the temperature in your home, and even improve your privacy, is to install UV blocking coatings on your windows. These look like stickers and don’t inhibit your view out of your home any more than tinted windows in cars do. They are a great summertime addition to your home to cut back on the sun’s heat and keep your room cooler.

Update the Design

If you are not happy in your room and cannot spend long hours resting and enjoying your spare time, then it needs a makeover. Start first with the layout, then work out what design elements you could improve that will help you really enjoy the space and transform it into a sanctuary.

Try not to overdo it. You want simplicity and space to be at the centre stage to help you stay calm and enjoy a better night’s rest. Clutter and a lot of different design elements can make it difficult for the mint to rest.

You will know when you are done when you don’t just enjoy a lovely Sunday lounging in bed but look forward to it.

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