In January, we look forward and our diaries become our close companions. But, poised between the year, it’s also a time to look back, and diaries, journals and almanacs are also a tool for reflection.

Create Personal Almanac

How to Create a Personal Almanac

Cover your own local area, festivities and personal celebrations, and use it as a guide through your own year. Buy a notebook, mark out the months and divide it into topics that interest you, perhaps…

  • Look up dates for local festivities and fetes and mark them in their correct month in your almanac. Add family birthdays, personal traditions and anniversaries.
  • Are there recipes that you revisit every year? A special birthday cake recipe? Your mum’s twist on marmalade? Even a recipe from a cookbook that you return to again and again for a summer barbecue or an autumnal dinner. Pop it in so that it is easy to find.
  • Moon phases, and moon and sun rises and sets will vary – if only by minutes – by area. Find yours. A great source is
  • Leave space to note the flowering of bluebells in your local woods, the arrival of the swifts, and the first touches of autumn on the trees.

Personal Almanac - Blueberry

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