Sometimes, life itself becomes a challenge. Perhaps you’ve recently lost someone who you can’t imagine living without, been diagnosed with a terminal illness, or gotten involved in an accident that claimed a part of you. Or maybe there’s impending doom lurking. For many reasons, life can get so bleak that you just don’t know how to pull through.

But some things can help. Perhaps, you can find joy again amid the pain and gloom. Although no one can completely understand the unique life challenge you face, these few tips may help you pull through.

How to Cope Through Life's Darkest Times

1.           Read up the stories of others

Although yours might be unique, many other people face life challenges all over the world. Many also write about their experiences and how they pulled through.

People talk about how they miraculously got healed, coped through the loss of a dear one, survived through a disability, and made life worthwhile even when everything seemed to be against them. Reading such inspiring stories can give you the hope to pull through your situation despite the odds. And the best thing about such stories is that they’re real, from real people, living or deceased, and not a Hollywood script.

2.           Share your burden

Having a confidant is underrated. Just talking about your problems can release pent-up feelings. People, especially men, typically internalize feelings rather than voice them. They don’t regard talking as productive or a solution. Some bottle things up because they do not want to show weakness. Perhaps there’s a feeling of guilt. But whatever the case, discussing your problems and experiences helps diminish negative feelings, and you become less stressed over time.

For instance, you can feel very emotionally disinclined to get inside a vehicle after a road accident. But as you talk more about the experience and shock, you find yourself getting over it, even to the point of laughing and jumping right back into your car.

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3.           Write about it

What’s troubling you? Is it a feeling of fear, impending doom, or a dire wish? Whatever it is, holding back thoughts and emotions is stressful, according to research from Southern Methodist University.

The same research suggested that writing about traumatic experiences positively affects a person’s health and immune system. The longer you hold those feelings in, it can weaken your mind and body, and you fall sick easily. Your situation may even start to feel worse than it really is. Writing about it, just like talking, can help you feel better.

That’s not to say that talking or journaling will make your problems go away. But just like good nutrition and exercising, it can contribute to your overall well-being.

4.           Get support

Sometimes, you can’t just do it alone. One way to cope with life’s toughest challenges is to seek support, whether therapy, career, or life coaching.

A licensed therapist can help you navigate your challenges and offer professional and compassionate advice. If you can’t confide in a friend or family member, it’s best to talk to a therapist as they’re bound to keep your discussions strictly confidential.

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Bottom Line

No one chooses the cards they’re dealt. Wherever you find yourself, remember it’s how you respond that truly matters. Let it out, accept support, read inspirational stories, and tell yourself, “I’ve got this!”

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