There are too many people in the world right now who offer excuses to everyone when it comes to their health. They offer excuses to their friends, their loved ones, and their doctors, but most importantly, they offer these excuses to themselves. Now, you might not think that this is a big deal, but it’s doing more harm than good. These excuses are just that, and they need to stop so that you can start taking action for your own benefit. Not sure where to start? That’s what we’re here for, let’s take a look.

Excuses Won't Fix Your Health, Actions Will

Find Healthy Foods You Love

It’s actually not as difficult as you might think, as long as you keep an open mind and are willing to try new things. These are actually the two things that people struggle the most with, but like we said, no more excuses. Stop finding excuses not to try new foods and just do it. If this means that you want to blend some spinach with water and add it to your pasta sauce so you don’t taste it, fine, but maybe give it a go on its own first. 

A lot of healthier foods get a bad reputation for being bland and boring, but this just simply isn’t the case. Maybe try cooking them a different way, add some spices or herbs to them, or generally just get creative. Healthy food doesn’t have to be gross, and only ignorant people believe that.

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Go And See The Doctor

It’s also worth noting that the doctor’s visit that you have been putting off? Yeah, it’s time to go to that. They say that you should be checked every six months for a reason, and the reason is because it helps early detection of illnesses. We’re not saying that you are poorly, but we’re saying that you might not know, so getting checked out is a good idea.

The same thing can be said for getting a hearing test and an eye test, especially if you feel as though something is off. You might need help with a damaged retina for example, and this isn’t going to happen if you’re hiding at home, making excuses as to why you don’t need help.

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Find Yourself The Motivation You Need

A quick thought for our last point, you need to find something to motivate you. You’ve got to get your butt up every single day and make yourself take action. There are going to be days when you don’t want to, and that motivation that you’re clinging to will be the thing that pulls you through. Find it. Hold onto it. And no matter what, don’t let go of it.

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It’s time that you stopped coming up with excuses as to why you can’t do things, and instead just started doing them. We know that starting is the hardest part, and taking that first step is going to be the most difficult thing that you will do on this journey, but we believe in you. You need to care enough about yourself to make that first step, and the actions will fall into place afterwards. 

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