Last month I finished my second Life Coaching Diploma Course and last week I found out that I’ve passed it! I am so happy and excited about this and that I have learnt so much more so I can be of better service to the world. You might remember a blog post I wrote last month about ‘Keep Learning & Start Growing‘ where I put emphasis on the importance of learning and how much I am into expanding my knowledge, continuing developing myself by reading, listening to podcasts, doing courses, attending events – the list in never-ending.

Today I’ve started the Law of Attraction Diploma Course which I am absolutely loving! I am a big believer in the Law of Attraction as I have seen it working for myself, but its only since 2013 I started believing in it and applying it in my life. After all, Law of Attraction is based on the idea that we are creating our own lives.
You might not believe in Law of Attraction, but I am pretty sure you believe that changing your thoughts can change your life? That positive thinking have a positive impact on your life?
I’ll give you an example of how Law of Attraction happened in my life; I always wanted to live in a cute little cottage in the countryside and visioned it down to every little detail how it will look, what the surroundings would be like, what Khushi and I would do etc. I am sure you’ve heard the phrase that you don’t always get exactly what you want / desire for, but you get what you deserve. Sometimes it’s better than what you desired, sometimes what you get is nowhere near what you want as you might not be ‘ready’ for it.
In my case, we found a very cute 2 bedroom flat in a Maisonette, in the countryside, surrounded by a river and a canal. It’s gorgeous nature wherever you look, sound of birds tweeting all day long and the sound of the river running is just pure bliss.


Changing your thinking changes something inside you, which affects your motivation, energy and creativity. This means you will be more efficient in working towards your goals.
To ensure that Law of Attraction works, you need to focus on what you do and want and not what you don’t want. Focus on the positive and not the negative.
The law of attraction states: whatever you focus on you will get. In order to get what you want you have to change what you are thinking and feeling.
For example; If you are thinking and feeling you don’t have enough money, the vibration you are sending out will attract to you more of the same; you will not have enough money. However, if you come from a place of feeling you already have the money, then you will attract what you are thinking or feeling; you will attract more money.
Think of how you feel when something great happens in your life; the excitement, the joy, the sense of accomplishment. Now stay in that feeling or vibration, and you will attract more of whatever you want that will match that feeling.
When we change our thoughts, we change the balance of energy around us which then brings changes to everything around us.

 “Changing Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life.” 

Your thoughts create your reality. You control your thoughts. Take it upon yourself to control your reality.
It all starts with a thought / a desire / a vision. I created my very first vision board in 2013, I bought a rather large canvas and stuck up positive quotes, goals, achievements, bucket-list and more – looking at it every day inspired, motivated and empowered me to take steps towards achieving my goals.
Vision Board
Wherever I see positive quotes, beautiful pictures of things I want to do in my life like fitness, healthy eating, meditation, places I want to travel and so on, I download them on my phone and order prints via an app called ‘FreePrints‘ where you can order 45 prints free of charge and only pay P&P.
Once you have created a vision board, create goals and then a ‘to-do’ list with steps to take towards reaching your goals. But remember, its not only about visualising what you want, you must also feel it, believe in that it will happen, know and believe in that YOU ARE ENOUGH and most importantly be grateful for everything you have and are today, in this moment (because right now is all you have – right!?)
So…are you a believer of Law of Attraction? How has it worked for you? Do feel free to share your experiences below 🙂
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