Welcoming Winter

Kiran Singh

Winter is in full swing. I am hunkering down and enjoying this season of slow. Winter is for turning inward. For focusing on the roots we put down rather than the flowers that we bloom. Winter is not a season of abundance. It is a season of barrenness. In nature, and usually in business too. It’s a season that doesn’t really look like much from the outside, but yet, somehow it sustains us. Through the dark. Through the cold. Through the mundane.

Welcoming Winter

Soon it will be time for us to grow again, to bloom again, but not now. Not now, my friend.

May we listen to the yearning of our souls this season – the pull to slow down, to reflect, to contemplate. I’m choosing to mimic nature this season, adopting a quieter rhythm that allows for a full embrace of winter, rather than frantically wishing it away as I normally do.

In the winter I find myself giving greater devotion to the smaller things. The comfort of wool socks and sweaters. Cups of tea. The squirrels and the birds that come to visit. And the nights that come early and pair well with a warm and hearty bowl of soup.

May we not rush this season by.

I spent the month of December reflecting and envisioning about the direction I want to go with my brand and business. My work is going to continue to be rooted in the desire that many, many of us desperately have, for a different way to carry life. I will say, many are happy with their modern “luxuries” (read: distractions), but I think most are starting to crave value and nourishment in a way that is so lost on this world. We see this reflected in the rise again of homemaking and slow lifestyle.

A life balanced by work and rest. A life of modesty and health. We must not forget that we are still very much so the guinea pigs of this new modern lifestyle that has brought us immense debt, fake food, more exposure to artificial light than real sunlight, technology addiction, and with those things, the rise of depression, anxiety, and self-obsession.

As a culture, we spend all of our days scrolling with our thumbs that we don’t even know how to work with our hands anymore. We don’t know how to cook our own meals or grow our own food (this is something I am changing this year – I’ve signed up to a 6-week long ‘Grow Your Own Food’ course starting next week) or make our own clothes. We don’t know how to live without a microwave or TV. Our seemingly small everyday choices -buying a t-shirt, eating a meal, the way we interact (or lack thereof) with the people around us – it’s taking a toll on our well being. We just don’t realise it because it’s the new normal to live distracted, addicted, frazzled, and stressed-out lives. A lot of times, that kind of life is even idolised and seen as a badge of honour. How many times do we feel a subtle swell of pride when we tell someone we’ve been “busy” lately?

Is that really worth it when we’re left without a soul?

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