This Month I am Inspired to… Cultivating Serenity and Calmness in My Life

Kiran Singh

Summer is coming to an end and my favourite season is on its way…  It’s time to slow down.

It sometimes seems as though we spend much of our time searching for peace and serenity in our lives. So this month, do we’ll be focusing on cultivating serenity and calmness as we are transitioning into Autumn by making conscious and intentional shifts towards already existing, but forgotten serenity and peace.

Cultivating Serenity and Calmness

5 Ways to Cultivate Serenity and Calmness in your life

  1. Find a space that already exists in your life that creates a sense of peace.  Try to spend a minimum of 5 minutes in this space.  Maybe close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly.
  2. Take note of rituals which calm and nourish you.  Do you love the smell of your morning coffee or the warmth of a mug of tea?  Do you find a meditation in your daily walk or preparing dinner?
  3. Cultivate moments of connection and community throughout the day.
  4. Eat mindfully and move each day.  Even if we have very few resources it is possible to eat our food consciously and nourish our bodies with movement.
  5. Find stillness and rest each day.  Allowing yourself time to restore and relax. Take time each day to find moments of stillness.

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