This month I am inspired to…Create new Mind, Body & Spirit Rituals

Kiran Singh

This month we’ll be talking about daily rituals, things you can add to your everyday routine aimed to calm the senses, lower anxiety, relieve stress, and improve your mood. Routines practised daily, help to ensure you’re integrating the rituals that nurture and support optimal health, mind, body and soul. You can develop rituals to support changes you want to make in your life.

Mind Body Spirit Rituals

Below are my favourite daily rituals for calming and nurturing the mind, body and spirit:

Start your day with Gratitude

Starting my mornings writing down things I’m grateful for with the Desire Map Planner has been the biggest life changer for me.

We’re not always going to have days where things are going our way, in fact, a lot of the times, every day contains moments of frustration (big or small).

Starting off my day with gratitude is the single best advice I can give to anyone wondering where to start in how to get out of the headspace of the negativity of frustration.


Set an Intention for the Day

Goals, intentions help to guide our energy. This simple practice can bring us back to focusing on what we want, and what truly matters.

Maintain a Morning Ritual

I get that morning can be difficult, but a morning ritual needn’t be a daunting task on your list of to-dos. It can be as simple as a three-minute pause. Take a moment to vitalise your inner work by sitting still with your eyes closed. Follow the flow of your breath and connect with at least three things you’re truly grateful for as you welcome your best self forward.

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Have a Meditation Practice

If you think you’re not a meditator, that you just can’t quiet your mind, or you just can’t meditate the “right” way, then you have the most to gain from meditation. Even just a few minutes every morning will make a difference and there are so many free guided meditations available nowadays.

Write in a Journal

Journaling can be a wonderful daily ritual to cultivate creativity, release emotions, and connect with yourself. Journals don’t have to be written. If you prefer art, you could create a daily art journaling practice, where you paint, sketch or doodle for a few minutes every day.

Connect with nature

There is no stronger, more harmonious force than nature. Being in nature reminds us to breathe, slow down, and connect. It is imperfectly perfect, reminding us of our own precious nature.

Embracing Time

Have an Evening Ritual

Most people understand the importance of a morning ritual. But the truth is, your morning starts the night before; Get your clothes ready, pack your food, write out your to-do list, meditate, read or listen to a podcast to get inspired etc. Remember The way you end one day will determine the way you start the next.

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