From Soulful Cooking to Soulful Eating

Kiran Singh

Once you’ve given my last week’s advice on how to cook with the soul a try, the fun really starts – you get to eat the fruits of your labour! Soulful eating has a lot in common with soulful cooking. They both require you to slow down and reflect on what you’re doing, and they both honour body and soul.

Soulful Cooking

TV off, Mind-Body Connection on

When you sit down to eat, choose your spot carefully. Avoid plopping down on the couch in front of the TV or your laptop. Studies show that when you watch TV while eating, it interrupts the connection between your stomach and brain, meaning your digestive system can’t signal your brain that it’s full. This can cause over-eating and weight gain. Instead, sit down at a table and focus on the food. If you find yourself in need of some visual or aural stimulation, light a candle or play some soft music in the background – this will add, not detract, from the overall experience.

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Soulful Eating with All Your Senses

Soulful eating is a feast for all the senses. Take slow, deliberate bites and let the flavours you created a dance on your tongue. Take time to smell the individual ingredients and how they mingle to form a delicious bouquet. Look at your precise knife cuts and how you cooked your broccoli just right, achieving that beautiful green hue. Realise and appreciate that you’re responsible for all of this, and you’re honouring both body and soul with this daily ritual.

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The soulful kitchen is hands down, the best way to approach how we fuel ourselves. Next time you’re feeling hungry and harried, pause, reflect and make the choice to master the art of soulful cooking and eating.

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