Ombré Mug Flamingo

Kiran Singh

An Ombré Mug is not just any old mug – how could you even wonder such a thing? It’s a one of a kind approach to the progressive mix of some of our most loved hues and your most loved morning or break time brews. It’s a wonderful, vivid journey of dark into light – or light into dull in case you’re taking a gander the opposite way around.

Ombre Mug Flamingo

You and your Ombré Mug will have the profound respect of all coffee and tea lovers in your office or home, prepare to be admired constantly. We don’t have to persuade you to get it – simply look at those beautiful ‘Flamingo’ colours! Who wouldn’t need bright and warm mug to taste your favourite cuppa out of. The two-tone complete is hand sprayed making each mug totally unique to the next.

Ombre Mug Flamingo

In addition, it feels super, super cool with its matte finish making it soft to the touch. The mug is finished off with a high-quality sanded base to give more noteworthy durability and stability. The Flamingo ombré mug gives off the hues that highlight when the moon rises and the twilight approaches. This fine bit of craftsmanship will be stylish expansion to your home-ware and did we mention that it produced using new bone china? Oooh fancyyy!

Ombre Mug Flamingo


Investment: £9

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