Becoming a mum can be very overwhelming.  All the new routines, learning on the job and making sure your baby is doing well means that you can often neglect yourself. Nordic Fit Mama is bringing some of Finland’s revolutionary thinking around motherhood to support UK mothers in their post-partum journey, with the programme focused on health and wellbeing.

Nordic Fit Mama has recently launched its ground-breaking online fitness and well-being Post-Natal Programme in the UK to do just that.  The six-week exercise programme has been approved by physiotherapists and gynaecologists and consists of a research-backed series of exercises for new mums and take just 10 minutes a day with a mantra ‘do what you can and have the energy for’.

Nordic Fit Mama launches its revolutionary fitness programme for UK mothers

The Post Natal Programme covers all areas of holistic well-being to help build a solid foundation so that new mothers can get back to more challenging exercises in a safe way. The programme focuses on the pelvic floor and core exercises, adding energy and well-being to daily life whilst addressing issues such as diastasis recti and back pain.

Gynaecologist Teija Lehmonen comments ”Exercising and relaxing your pelvic floor should be part of every woman’s routines throughout their life – it should be taught in schools! This programme from Nordic Fit Mama is simple to follow and takes only a few minutes a day so is the perfect fitness programme for new mothers.”

The programme was created by Riina Laaksonen, Finland’s best-known influencer in pre-and postnatal exercise. A mother of three boys, Riina is a personal trainer and it was her own experiences of post-natal recovery which inspired her to start Nordic Fit Mama in 2017. Since then she has brought together experts in maternal well-being, to create a holistic post-natal health programme.

Riina Laaksonen

Laaksonen comments, “This is not about ‘bouncing back’ instead we believe our simple-to-follow online fitness and wellbeing programme is well placed to help British mums get back to feeling strong and capable after giving birth. We have had over 20,000 mothers with children of varying ages taking part in our courses and whether you’ve got a six-week-old or a 16-year-old child, you can find success in regaining strength and confidence.”

The programme has been validated by the University of Jyväskylä in Finland and in the UK Nordic Fit Mama has also been accepted onto Sheffield Hallam University’s Wellbeing accelerator programme, which offers academic expertise from across the university to provide research and development (R&D) support to businesses.

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Gemma, part of the pre-launch pilot programme in the UK stated ”I wanted to say thank you for creating Nordic Fit Mama. Here in the UK, pre and post-pregnancy healthcare is not a huge concern, and I think there are a lot of women out there like me, who are struggling to regain not only their figures but also their health, fitness and confidence. Starting your programme and reading all the information, I wish someone had told me about it earlier on so that I could have started it as soon as possible after having my little girl. Your programme is brilliant and so easy to fit in, I try and do it when my little one is having a nap and it’s ideal.”

The Post Natal Programme costs £99 and is available at

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